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Want to know the estimate date of your Delivery?
13 Replies
Ivory - August 26

thanks for the information, i am glad i already know how to make estimation of the date of my delivery!


Lotlot - August 26

Every mother-to-be wanted to know the date of the delivery of her baby so that in filling for maternity leave be compensated


Sofia - August 27

The most credible source of information on when to expect your baby is your physician.The assume duration of pregnancy is usually 280 days from the first day of the last menstrual period.


Lyka - August 27

Hi, and good day! You can use these calculation method to estimate your date of delivery.First step, is to determine the first day of your last menstrual period. Second, add 7 days to your answer in step 1 and the last, count back 3 months to your answer in the second step. This method, however, is only to estimate. First time pregnancies, especially, are usually ahead or behind schedule by 2 weeks.


Cecel - October 27

the best possible way to be able to know the estimate date of your delivery is through an ultra sound.


Keith - October 27

For me, to estimate the date of my delivery is that i always remember the first day of my last monthly menstruation then consult a doctor about it and have her computed the exact date of my delivery. She's the expert, so she knows all about it.


Gummy - October 27

Yes, it is important to know when is the exact date of delivery, I want to know so that I can estimate whether it lapses to the expected date, and I am also excited to make some preparation for my delivery and some important things which is needed for the coming of the baby.


Leonah - October 27

We know already how to make estimation of the expected date of delivery, thanks for the in4mation, it's very important for us mother, it may a great help for the husband too. Parents go hand in hand to support the needs of their children/babies if the parents already know the expected date then preparation is next to do.


Ilikeu - October 27

Yes, it's wise to make estimation of the expected date,If the mothers-to-be can still recall of the date of last menstruation then it can easily make the estimated date.


Lifetime - October 27

Of course, it does no harm for the baby, and it can be detected whether the baby may come to the exact date, the happiness of the parents is can be measured, when the baby come to the world in the exact date.


JoyJoy - October 27

Who doesn't like to know? For I am much eager to know the date when will be the date I can give birth to my baby, I am very excited to know.


Rhytha - October 27

The 1st thing that a friend of a pregnant woman may ask to her is when she may give birth her baby, am I right?
So a woman who is pregnant may know will her delivery date, so not to make other person hung their eyebrows if you just only answer to their question hmmmm...well ...I don't know.


Bambie - October 27

I am very much eager to know the exact time I'm going to deliver my baby. But as what my friends told me, during the first pregnancy, no one could really tell the exact date because some could be 2 weeks ahead or 2 weeks delayed. I'll just wait for the right time probably.


Jiji - October 27

Usually, an expectant mother will just count until the 38 weeks of pregnancy. In that time, she could already deliver her baby.



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