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Weight Gain Concerns
22 Replies
Marycris - August 24

Hi, I'm Marycris 20 years old. As pregnant mother, is it important for me to put on weight?


Cheshnya - August 25

Yes, particularly from the 4th month of pregnancy onwards. Putting on weight is important for your baby's growth and development. Do not be alarmed about your expanding stomach, an average gain between 10 kg during pregnancy is normal and desirable.


Trexia - August 28

During pregnancy, it is best to be very vigilant with what you eat. Healthy and balanced meals will allow proper weight gain during pregnancy and also supply proper nutrients for the mother and the unborn child.


Georgina - August 28

It is very important to stick to a healthy lifestyle as adapted during pregnancy. Eating healthy food, engaging in daily exercises and avoid smoking and alcohol will help you maintain one's ideal body weight.


Lively - October 27

For pregnant mother like me, I always watch what I eat and make sure I don't eat too much. I'm very much concern with my weight because I'm afraid its hard for me to regain my weight before my pregnancy.


Helen - October 27

Hi! it's just normal for pregnant women like us to gain some weight during pregnancy. Of course we have our baby's weight that's add to our usual weight so it makes us increased a lot of pounds during our pregnancy.


Susiet - October 27

Yap! To gain some weight during pregnancy is not that alarming. It's indeed normal. As long as it's not too much..too much weight is already considered obesity..that's the time a mother should need to be bothered already.


Eleen - October 27

As pregnant mother, we need to control our cravings in order for us not to gain too much weight. Is having a limited diet could be good enough?


Wendy - October 27

Well, i'm not in favor about limited diet. I know my baby need a lot of nutrients from me.My baby depends only on what I eat. I eat what's right, what's good but not too much and most of all not limited..only what's enough for the two of us.


Hope - October 27

Yes, I agree because if you said limited, it means you limit your baby something she or he needs. Just don't forget to always eat healthy and proper. Other pregnant mothers lack the control on what to eat and not to eat, if they just kind of like it, they would surely have it..and that's for me no longer proper.


Saldy - October 27

We need to be concerned of our weight because this is very much important. If we did not gain some weight during our pregnancy that means our baby in the womb did not grow,and if this happen, we as mother could be worried already on what is going on with the baby inside us.


Thea - October 27

That's right! So, all we have to do is to monitor our weight every month as possible.Try to find out whether we increase or decrease..Then, have the healthy lifestyles coz it really matters..this contributes on how we could have gain weight properly.


Lilia - October 28

As pregnant mother, I'm very much thin coz I don't like to eat.I crave for some food but when It's there, I don't like eating it anymore. That's why, I'm bothered because I'm afraid that if I don't gain some weight, my baby would be affected and I don't want that my baby will suffer later the consequences.


carmel - October 28

My advice is to let yourself try your best to eat whatever food being served to you. Remember that your baby depends on you. So, if you are really concerned about your baby then better eat even it's just so little.


Lolie - October 30

I know that it's normal to gain weight especially that your pregnant. That's why I eat a lot for my baby and me because I know that my baby needs a lot of nutritional foods essential for my baby's growth.


Alley - October 30

As pregnant women, it's important for us to gain weight. I for myself know that I need to gain weight to make me able to sustain my strength if my baby inside the womb becomes bigger, the baby needs a lot of energy also from me.


Linda - October 30

I start gaining a lot of weight during my 2nd an average of 0.5kg a week. As I computed it, that is 7-9kg over the 3 months, right?I think this is because I no longer experience a morning sickness and I like to eat now than during my 1st trimester.



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