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Weight Gain Concerns
22 Replies
Linda - October 30

I start gaining a lot of weight during my 2nd an average of 0.5kg a week. As I computed it, that is 7-9kg over the 3 months, right?I think this is because I no longer experience a morning sickness and I like to eat now than during my 1st trimester.


Yhol - October 30

Yap, its in that 4-6 months in which we pregnant mothers gain weight faster. that's why we need not to control our cravings because after the 2nd trimester, we will be back with our tiredness and we don't like anymore to eat much that's why to lose weight is still possible during the last 3 months of our pregnancy.


tonette - November 7

I'm very much particular with my weight not just for figure purposes, but more on health concern especially that I'm pregnant. I don't want to have trouble with high blood pressure which really in our bloodline.That's why I always monitor my weight from time to time.


elfie - November 7

Yes, it's best that we should monitor our weight to be able to prevent some complications especially if you have some problems with your body that need to be concern about during pregnancy.


wennie - November 7

It's good to have always maintain a healthy body especially during pregnancy. It can't be avoided that when you get pregnant, you will gain some extra weight but should be aware that it's should not exceed to too much because it can cause some serious problems and illness that can harm your self and your baby.


purple - November 7

yes, that's why healthy lifestyle and balanced diet should always be the top priority of a pregnant mother in giving her baby in the womb the best start in life.


kay - November 7

For me,weight concerned is not about maintaining a sexy figure after pregnancy, but it's about being healthy and be able to give the baby proper nutrients that the baby needs in order to grow healthy and active after the delivery.



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