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What is your concepts about CONCEPTION
25 Replies
Crizzelle - August 24

If you're thinking of starting a family, get ready for lots of advice.And get ready to hear some unfounded, partially true or flat out wrong information.


Clephel Tee - August 28

Some people may give advise in accordance to their experience but just listen to them it may be true to you or it may not.
Our concepts about conception is when a woman had experience a marital sex or pre-marital sex and then the sperm cell and the egg cell meet then conception begins.


Katty - August 28

Conception is the state of being conceived. It is the beginning of pregnancy.
The first timer of conception,doesn't know what to do. What is the right things she must do. Mixed feelings come in to herself.
In the start one must seek an advise to some experienced mother, then to knowledgeable persons and then she must confide to her most favorite ob-gyne.


honeybunch - September 5

conception is when a woman carries in her womb a conceive is a fulfillment of what the Lord said, '"Go to the world and multiply ". it is a way of multiplying the lives of mankind.when i got pregnant i am so happy because i can be able to do God's work. so when i heard a news that a fetus was thrown to a garbage, i felt sick and felt disgusted to a woman who did that morbid acts.


faith - September 5

I think the meaning of conception is when a man loves a woman and also the woman loves the man. a mutual understanding between the two. They got married and do the sexual intercourse, with God's blessings "conception" is done.It is the way that God shows His love to mankind


jamelle - September 5

Love not lust that makes conceive and form life with good and nice attitude of a human being. as we have observed a good product comes from a good company.
Conception can not be disregarded if it could be done by a company with full of love then our world be at peace and full also with love while if it is done because of lust then it is negotiated by hatred and chaos.Am I right?


tezza - September 5

my concept about conception is I am agree with "jamelle".yes, nowadays our world is full of hatred and chaos 'coz our youngster would love to explore without thinking the outcomes. they just make sex as if doing an ordinary sports not thinking that the woman might pregnant out of wedlock and from the time of conception the situation is unwanted till delivery or till the baby grows.


chona - September 18

hmmn..conception?..let me think..well, it's about us women who were given the privilege to be able to create life inside our womb. For me, this is a wonderful gift that i could cherished forever in my life..


queen - September 18

Well, conception on my part is when a woman become pregnant. And that's what happens to me right now. I'm pregnant!! isn't that exciting?


happy - September 18

Be able to conceive a baby is my concept about conception.Well, queen is very much happy and excited about being pregnant and so do I. I'm very very excited and my feelings right now is so so unexplainable. Wow! I can't imagine seeing my first born child soon..


november - September 27

Conception is the way to produce a baby. You are a woman of good production if you can conceive, you are a special creature.Be proud if you are conceiving right now,because there are woman who have not yet conceive and they want to.


orchid - September 28

Whew! Conception to me is a very sacred word. I'm just one of the many chosen women in the world who was able to received such pleasant gift. I'm happy to say that I'm again pregnant.But the excitement I felt before during my first pregnancy doesn't change. Still feels like it's my first time.To think it's already my 4th pregnancy!hehe!


Iza - September 28

Well, conception is definitely a word that implies responsibility. That every women who were able to conceived should also be responsible enough to give the baby inside their womb the best and proper care..until such time that they will come out and made each of their babies good individuals in the future.


Malord - October 1

You made a decision, you got married, then you make forward sight it is to conceive.It is something that you the newly married couple made a plan for what to do when it comes,Conception is a gift from God.


melflor - October 2

My concepts about conception is that a woman who got pregnant is the special creation of God that has a great function to make a way in multiplying mankind, with her, the new life live for nine months to be process,to be prepared in the life in the world.


lilia - October 2

there are many ideas what conception is, and you I am with the idea of melflor, her idea spark in my mind,how great God is, we can not be here if there's no woman, a new generation has created through the patience of the woman in bringing the fetus inside her womb for nine months,we can not imagine the intelligence of our Heavenly Father. Praise God!!!


Nene - October 2

To conceive is to have a baby. It is a great privilege when we, women can conceive. It means that we are in good health and be able to have a healthy baby too. It is a situation that we can claim that God is working within us. He is still doing His creation through creation. And all womens who conceive are all pro-creator of God. I love you Lord!Thank you for this privilege.



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