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What is your concepts about CONCEPTION
25 Replies
Nene - October 2

To conceive is to have a baby. It is a great privilege when we, women can conceive. It means that we are in good health and be able to have a healthy baby too. It is a situation that we can claim that God is working within us. He is still doing His creation through creation. And all womens who conceive are all pro-creator of God. I love you Lord!Thank you for this privilege.


Kier - October 2

During my pregnancy of my third child, my tummy was so big and I was given an advice not to go out without bringing a black handkerchief I was puzzled of course, "why should I do that?", I asked but the adviser, who was my grandmother, just told me,"Don't ask", but without her knowledge I didn't follow. Nothing happened! Praise God!! and I have a healthy BABY!


loly - October 2

Conception is when a woman will be experiencing the greatest journey of her life becoming a mother!


Bea - October 2

Well, yeah! Conception is embarking on the greatest journey a woman like me will ever take--pregnancy! The next nine months I know will be full of excitement and expectations. So, good luck to all of us pregnant mothers!


KC - October 2

Conception is understanding and embracing the greatest changes a woman will be experiencing. Becoming a mommy-to-be! It's a wonderful experience I could always be thankful from above.


Melba - October 24

Conception is to have a baby in your's resulted from sexual contact you had with your partner.


Secretive - October 26

What is conception? this is a question that some may ask.But to think that the woman should be shown to have a big tummy, then her physical figure can be recognized that she is pregnant, but what is conception to our own concepts, it is a big question to be answered in a voluminous idea, for me this is a privilege given to our Heavenly Father to a woman to propagate the human being.


Bebie - October 26

Conception is to be able to have a chance to get pregnant. The experience is really a memorable one and it's such a wonderful opportunity for a woman like me to experience the tears and joy of having a baby.


Lyka - October 26

My idea of conception is conceiving the greatest gift given by God above..a baby! A result of the intimate love a man and a woman through sensual contact that is what conception is really all about.


Roxan - October 26

Conception is to have a baby out of your own. A baby that would be a replicate of your own self and your partner. It's something you will be able to cherished for a lifetime.



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