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Worried Of Not Getting Pregnant
32 Replies
Nancy - August 28

A pleasant day to you. We are now on 5 months of our marriage. I was beginning to feel impatient. My husband advised me to just be patient and not be worried. But could I not be worried? I'm already 32, turning 33 this September. Didn't I have the reason to be panic? I feel old and I start considering taking the so called fertility drug just to get pregnant. Please I need some enlightenment.


Sharon - August 28

I think God has its own reason for the delay of the coming of the much anticipated baby of yours. God wanted you to enjoy your time being husband and wife first-before you become Mom and Dad. Maybe the timing wasn't right yet for you and your husband to have a baby.


Mardy - August 28

Hi! We were also trying to have a baby, but it wasn't like we were so desperate as to start taking fertility pills. I kept on praying over it and God give us a baby. My husband and I were very much happy. Right now, I'm on my second trimester of pregnancy.


Pinky - August 28

Maybe the daily stress and highly competitive nature of your jobs now is the main reason why you still don't have a baby. Being tired and super stressed out was a surefire way to kill the romantic aspect of making love and making a baby.


Moneth - August 28

We too had our first baby for almost 10 months of our marriage. I was also very impatient. But we would make love if were not too tired from work and on my most fertile days. It was against my principle to "just do it" for the sake of doing it. And so one cold, romantic night we just felt like it was the perfect time. Something happened and you know what I mean. Something called instinct and I don't know I just felt it. I was excited to use the pregnancy tests kits and there it was, right before our very eyes..first a single dark pink purple line..and then, another..that meant positive! I could not believe what we were witnessing! I finally got pregnant! Praise God!


lovely - September 20

Hi! I also felt that kind of feeling before when I was very much eager to get pregnant.We were already in our 6 years of our marriage when I finally conceived our first baby. But I put my great faith to God. Prayers can really move mountain and in God nothing is impossible.I thank God for me to able to have a baby..a healthy, good looking which I could call my own.


liz - September 20

hello, Nancy,don't feel impatient because God knows what is best for us everything in this world is planned by God.Just wait and have faith!


owen - September 20

yes,I agree with liz, God has His own planned, have faith on Him ,there's nothing impossible with our loving Creator . He said to man "Go to the world and multiply" , liz, claim these to the Lord.


Kris - September 20

Don't get worried , if it is the will of God that you would be a pro-creator of Him then it can be done. Think positive and relax, time will come!


charley - September 20

in my life I also experience the feeling

my life i also experience of what Nancy feels yes it is a long seconds of waiting because mixed feelings is in my heart, there's are so many IF's that may crop up in my minds but still I am hoping but I cannot hold myself not to feel worried.



Emmie - September 20

In my case i am so worried not to become pregnant forever, i wanted to become pregnant that there were times that i thought to submit an artificial insemination but i hold my self not to do it.There were times also that i thought of adopting a child just to confide the intentions to ignite of having a child.
May God bless us all!


toni - September 20

Worried is a cousin of stress. And if you are stress you may not see the real situation of life,you may be blind by hatred and jealousy towards others.Try not to think of getting pregnant and lift up your desire to the Lord, then ask that He will grant you to become pregnant.


terry - September 20

in His time God would grant you of becoming a real mother of your own child. Don't be to much excited, we can't dictate our Heavenly Father. He knows what we may become in this, our very own borrowed life.


Perlyn - October 31

getting pregnant is something we need to pray for from above. plus we need to have positive outlook so that everything we prayed for would become a reality.


Hazel - October 31

For me, I don't worry because I know with it's proper time and proper timing added with faith in God and trust in him I will soon be getting pregnant.Nothings wrong with us, we already consulted our doctor and with test results we both capable of having a, I'll just wait for that right time to happen.


Lenie - October 31

I think that's the best thing to do in order for you to know whether you could be pregnant or not. So, if your doctor gives you an assurance that you could conceive a baby, so why worry?


Bonie - October 31

The woman in her capacity to get pregnant is in accordance to their physical functions of her own. There are women who instantly get pregnant even they had only once sexual intercourse but other women have been countless times of sexual intercourse before they could make it, we don't know the will of our Creator, all are depends to His Will!



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