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Worried Of Not Getting Pregnant
32 Replies
Bonie - October 31

The woman in her capacity to get pregnant is in accordance to their physical functions of her own. There are women who instantly get pregnant even they had only once sexual intercourse but other women have been countless times of sexual intercourse before they could make it, we don't know the will of our Creator, all are depends to His Will!


Marides - October 31

It's up to the Lord's decision, just be positive in your sight for the future.Don't worry,be happy.


Sandra - October 31

Have a positive outlook, Worry can make you feel distress, in the other side you can have your dream if it is your destiny to be one of the many pregnant mothers.


Cookitte - October 31

Hello! getting pregnant can be realized if you are physically healthy, so the same as your husband and sexual play is with God's blessings, then and then... you can have a healthy baby with healthy mind too.


Kitty - October 31

Are you worry because you are now in a mature age? No. you must not feel like that, If God's decision that you can be pregnant,no one can blocked it. Have faith in Him!


Hope - October 31

Some times our destiny depends in our will, Don't wear some doubts in your minds....There's a road of realization in our prayer. Make a hopeful wish!!!


Encounter57 - October 31

What is your problem? If you are healthy then your husband is also the same, then there's nothing to be worry do not problem the invisible problem!Face the reality!If it is a problem there's a solution to it but if it is not a problem then realization is in front to us...


Florita - November 1

Only an elephant can grow old, don't panic, you are still young, feel young,there's a saying life begins at 40, Don't feel old, then you can make it. have the power of a positive thinking.


Feisher - November 1

Worried can make you old, think young then you can get an amazing result, pray,wait, hope then have faith always!


Daisie - November 1

Your too excited to become pregnant but I would like you to make a simple outlook in life, be totally dependent to God and then trust Him for what ever may do or whatever may come out it is in accordance to the will of almighty Father!


loveme4whatiam - November 1

It is not a matter of age that a woman can conceive, but a matter of the capability to do so.
Don't worry, but personalized your hope to conceive.


Idealistic - November 2

I don't know why you become worried, that as a matter of fact you have been only 5 months of your marriage, As for my experience I had been 3years of our marriage when I got pregnant,thanks God ,He bless us to have one, and no more, Don't worry Nancy, the time will come don't panic.


Honorable - November 2

If at this time you have not yet pregnant, you may consult to the expert/a doctor,who can give an advice what you are going to do. But don't worry!


Moonlight - November 2

You may have an excitement feeling, that is why you become worried now, for sure some of your friends are asking you If you are now pregnant, am I right? So your feeling of excitement is now covered by anxiety and worried, am I correct? You know in the case of being pregnant is not a magic, it is God's will, and be aware that in everything we do we must ask God first.


Josephine - November 2

Take note in the bible in the case of Abraham, Sarah his wife was already in her menoupausal age but God said that He would make Abraham the Father of all nation then they wait, hope and then faith for God is True to His word , then it came out the will of God , we have to trust Him!


Youyen - November 2

God is our creator and we the parents are only co-creator, for we can only do the reality but not the supernatural job , for God is the owner of our life, even if we love to be but it is not the will of God then we can not do it, to become pregnant is to lift up all our plans to Him.We must relied to God always.



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