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1st pregnacy turns to a misscarrige :(
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villa.16 - November 18

Sep 5 2011 was my last period I must have gotten pregnat a little bet after that, I didnt even know then came Oct 3 I started spotting then I had to change my tampone every 2hr or less, I had horrible pains, & yes I do have horrible menstrul cramps every period, but this where nothing like that and I knew it the peiod wouldnt stop I started getting scared, I cried to my husband but he was tired of hearing me whinning he told me it was just an irregular period and I was just letting my fear get the best of me... I dont have insurance so I could afford to go see a doctor till I applied 4 the discount but i never got it. Finally a clinic gave me a appoitment they told me I was pregnat, the doctor didnt seem to nice he told me with a smirky smile dont worry you provably lost it with all last months bledding, this was now SEP 9th, on monday SEP 14 i had an ultrasound to make sure what was going on with me, No heart beat, No nothing I had had a misscarrige :'(, ((Why didnt I go 2 the doctor sooner, why did I smoke, why did I drink so much caffeine, the days between Sep 9 to Sep 14, I begged God to let my baby be ok, I remebered how much I was using the bathroom on Oct, but I never tough of pregnacy cuz people around me said sont worry its just a irregular period all but one my mother-in-law she told me go to the Emergency room if you really thing there is something off, dont worry if people think youre over reacting why didnt I listen to her)) I wanted that baby now everytime I get pains in my womb I remeber its my misscarriges remains coming out, all my friends are having babys or are pregnat, why me , why did i have to lose mine :( I now i didnt no for to long but, just knowing that the love between my husband and I was going to be in this baby told me he was already mine and know I dont get the chance to see my baby grow at all


lilymac10 - January 3

i know how you feel. i found out i was pregnant on 29th Dec, we were happy until ast night when i started bleeding heavily. they haven't conformed it was a miscarriage as i was too early on to do a scan but i know that i've lost my baby. i feel wretched. hope your coming to terms with your loss.



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