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2nd Misscarriage
2 Replies
Jema C - July 25

I just wanted to know if anybody on this forum has had two misscarriages and on the 3rd pregnancy had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, I just had my second misscarriage this year, and it is terrible, when I got pregnant the second time I was so scared that something will happen again, and when the doctor told me she could not find the heart beat I was shocked. As we saw a strong heartbeat just 4 weeks before on 7 weeks. The doctor told me that she cannot do any tests now, and that I will have to get pregnant again, and only then they will do all the tests that need to be done, but I am so scared.

Please if anybody can give some advice, I don't know what to do anymore, or if anyone can share their story with me.



lovelylisa84 - August 10

We have loss two since April. The first was tubal and I miscarried in June. I have hope for the third time, but I am still mourning the two we lost. Today was hard, so I decided to seek out a support group. I didn't know I was pregnant in April and of course when I found out in June I was nervous. I've never seen a sonogram or heard a heartbeat, but I still dream about that day. I have hope for the next time, but until then, I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with these emotions.


nighteyes - October 18

I have lost two children. one at five months and another at full term.

Im not totally certain as to what your doctor was referring as obviously some tests can only be done when pregnant but there ARE things that can be checked out now. Things that may affect fertility and the carrying of a child. If you are unhappy with your doctor or just feel that you cannot fully question you are free to ask to see another one. It is essential, especially with something as fundamental as childbearing, that you can trust your doctor enough to question!



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