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]]My Story[[
33 Replies
kaireen - December 15

I see, that's great to hear. Congrats Lipstick. Hope everybody will be inspired by her experience.


Lipstick - December 15

Thanks kaireen. There is no limit in trying.


Fishlette - December 16

Yes, I like reading the stories and comforting conversations here. I also agree that there's no limit in trying. People should see it as a test and a preparation for a better time and situation.


kAtRiNa - December 16

I am advised to stop working and if possible have a bed rest once pregnant again. My uterus is weak in handling the growing baby so need to really rest all the time. I resign already and effective today.


Fishlette - December 16

It would really take to sacrifice things just to have a baby. Very nice katrina, good luck!


CryingTime - December 16

Yes, as mothers we do a lot of sacrifices and sometimes it is too much. I've had that at the back of my mind but just can't say that straight because I know it isn't right.


SusanRenz - December 16

Great you opened that up CryingTime. But come to think of it, it is all worth it.


kicker_baby - December 16

the sacrifices are indeed worth it. haven't experienced pregnancy loss but had witnessed my sister-in-law's loss and it was also hard for us. that is why i am eager to learn more about this.


MoM - December 20

Same here kicker_baby, I haven't experienced it but my daughter did due to uterus disorder and it really feels hard seeing her worried about the loss.


quo - December 20

it is nice to know that despite the loss we are going to the healing process.although we still have to be depressed and all,the most important thing is to be able to stand up again.


GeraldineFitcher - December 20

What was the exact problem with the uterus of your daughter MoM?


MoM - December 20

She had a double uterus and we are still waiting for the doctor's advice on what to do with it.


GeraldineFitcher - December 20

Well, in cases of didelphic uterus, she should had a close monitoring with her OB so as to avoid the risks of pre-term labor,recurrent miscarriages and 2nd trimester pregnancy loss.


MoM - December 20

Yes, and there is a procedure mentioned by the doctor to unify the uterus and I am not quite sure if it is safe.


GeraldineFitcher - December 20

Well it will depend on the situation of her uteri because there are cases when not both uteri are fully developed so if in that case only one is fully developed then the doctor may perform a surgery to just removed the underdeveloped uterus.


MoM - December 20

Oh I see that is very informative GeraldineFitcher because I never knew of that and at least now I have an idea. I will ask her about that.



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