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...What to expect after a D&C?...
19 Replies
xXStephXx - October 22

Just had a d&c and the other day and I still feel some cramping and bleeding. My doctor said this is normal but I just wanted to hear form other moms who experienced the same or other effect after such procedure.


Ladylou - October 22

It is normal to feel some cramping. After my d&c I had to take some pain relievers for the pain but it only lasted for a day or two. I had light spotting too but there are those who recovered pretty fast but then again it would depend on the person's tolerance for pain.


Joyce35 - October 22

Yeah mothers with high tolerance for pain tend to recover soon than those mothers that are weak and not use to pain.


SuReBabY - October 23

There may be a need for a time to recover. Although there maybe some complications after such procedure like cervical incompetence which means the cervix may not be able to retain a baby inside the uterus anymore.


SusanRenz - October 24

For those who are weak emotionally it can also have a traumatic effect on them.


XoXo - October 24

It can also result to some infection and excessive bleeding. You just have to be sure and secured of your doctor who will perform d&c.


LotsOfLove - November 9

I agree about traumatic effect because undergoing the loss and have to go through a d&c is really hard. For me, it like having to experience giving birth without a baby being given birth.


AlfredJames - November 9

How about if you are advised for a d&c and you were not able to undergo such, what are the possible risks?


QString99 - November 21

Bleeding is mostly present for a week maybe and little cramps. It is risky to decline dnc when it is really needed.


xXStephXx - November 21

I see, more or less the same as mine. I am experiencing the normal after effect. Thanks for your responses.


Emmie - December 1

I was nervous when I was told to undergo a d&c but it went well. I had several cramps and bleeding but it was normal though.


Halina_88 - December 2

Is the pain tolerable? What are the things that need to be considered before we can say that the effect of d&c is not normal?


xXStephXx - December 9

The pain was tolerable because of the anesthesia. One effect of the anesthesia is some breathing problems. If there is really excessive bleeding and other factors you can't handle them it is best to consult your doctor.


HOPE - December 11



cRoWdEdRoOm - December 13

Are there any positive after effect of d&c?


Vivian - December 13

Of course there are positive after effect, like the safety of the mother and to prepare for another pregnancy in the future.


Ladylou - December 16

I did not have any problem with breathing after the procedure. Positive effects are the feeling of relief and security from possible risks.



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