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25 Replies
SassyMom - December 17

Yes that is the best statement Kisses.

I'm sorry for your loss honeydee, it looks like you are still in the process of recovering.


Honeydee - December 18

Yes, I am still trying to recover and the best way is to understand all the possible reasons for the loss. I've realized that I am not the only one who suffers from it and there are even others who have a worse case than mine.


lennie - December 18

Yeah it is sometimes helpful if we can compare our situation with that of other's and realize how lucky we are.


SassyMom - December 20

Hope you are fine now Honeydee.

lennie- comparing our situation is a good strategy to make us feel better but to the extent of showing it to the person who has a worse case that ours. It should be done in silent.


--cristy-- - December 20

acceptance for me is a learning process. i just have to learn and understand the situation and the causes then i will learn to accept the loss and move on.


lennie - December 20

SassyMom-Yes of course, you don't have to tell it to their face that she has a worse situation. You should even support and comfort her.


saturn - December 21

Accepting my loss is really hard. Even now I still can't fully accept the loss of my baby. I know I should have understood it but deep inside I refuse to accept that I deserve such loss.


strawberry - December 22

at present i have learned to accept what happened and am willing to give it another try. it is never easy reaching this state no matter how fast or slow the recovery is.


izi73 - December 29

I lost my baby at 10 weeks at went I am still grieving. I ask tons of questions, why me? why now? I have two healthy kids, they are very independent now, so I wish to become mom just one more time. Every time I see new moms, I cry right away. Hope this will stop soon and I be ready to be pregnant again!


frenchie - January 10

I have just been pointed in the direction of this forum and have found great confort. I don't yet feel ready to accept my loss as it is so fresh,only a couple of days ago. I keep asking why us but i'm sure with time i will have grieved enough and life will continue. I can't ever forget though



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