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am I OVER reacting?
6 Replies
MomiSarah - September 3

I am scared of not being able to give my husband a child. My uterus will treat the fetus as something that is not normal and will expel it. My OB is telling me not to lose hope on this. I am telling my husband that if he is not happy of not having a baby then I wanted him to be frank with me. Each time we talk about this he gets mad and tells me that I am over reacting. I can't help being scared can anyone help me out?


Naomi - September 3

Yes you are over reacting. Don't so that to your husband it will be very irritating for him I'm sure. Always remember that the feeling of loss and the heavy emotion you are undertaking is the same as his. So, don't make it worse, stop pressuring him or you might regret it.


kaireen - September 3

Naomi is right, don't get too carried away with the loss. It seemed to me you are encountering a slight depression MomiSarah. Just relax and give it another try.


DannyR - September 4

Hello MomiSarah. We fathers have the same struggle as you mothers have. We are not blaming you for the loss so don't ever pressure your husband on it or somewhat accuse him that he is not happy with you. It is very hard on our part coping with the loss plus the way that you have pity on yourself. It should be a teamwork and stop pushing him away.


MomiSarah - September 5

Thanks for your replies. You are all right and I'm sorry. I've talked with my husband and I already apologized for my attitude. I will try to be more sensitive to his feelings now and DannyR thanks for your point it really helped and so as Naomi and kaireen.


Sabrina - September 5

Hi MomiSarah.I have experienced this kind of attitude too.I really understand the feeling and like you I learned that it is not appropriate.We should have an open mind about the situation and be sensitive of others feelings.We should not only think about our own self because we are not the only one that is hurt.


SusanRenz - September 9

I don't think you are over reacting. It is natural to feel that way MomiSarah, we are not perfect and it is a sensitive issue that we are so affected with so we acted that way.



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