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Baby's Gender may predict miscarriage
10 Replies
PerryTim - December 4

"A secondary miscarriage is a miscarriage that occurs after a woman has already had at least one healthy pregnancy. Recurrent miscarriages is defined as three or miscarriages. This study theorized that the secondary recurrent miscarriage rate may be higher for women who have given birth to a boy first."

This I have read from What is your opinion or view on this?


Steven - December 8

Is that so, I am not quite convinced that this is true all the time. I think they just base this on some instance and made a study that may or may not always happen.


LotsOfLove - December 8

Can be possible because the fact that the mother is a female and the baby is a male, there could be a little effect on the mother's body that may cause it to miscarry the succeeding baby. Only my assumption.


Angela16 - December 8

I will be giving birth next month to a baby boy. This possibility worries me. Are there medications or procedure to prevent or correct such thing?


PerryTim - December 8

You have a point LotsofLove, a study determine it as immunological reaction in the mother and a procedure is being suggested to prevent future miscarriage which is called Intravenous Immunoglobulin that I am not familiar with.


strawberry - December 8

interesting but a little complicated. i want to learn about this also.


NanciH - December 8

Not really reliable because the gender of the baby is not a risk factor at all.


Momskie - December 9

I think it could be possible. I have a friend who had 2 mc's after her eldest son.


sweet - December 9

I don't believe this. Haven't heard of this too. Maybe it is just an assumption by one case and they haven't seen any factor so they made up such reason.


Vivian - December 13

This maybe true because some hormones maybe affected by the opposite sex (mother and child). Could really be possible.


cRoWdEdRoOm - December 13

It is my first view of this and a lot came into my mind and I have realized that this may have some truth in it. A study of such may have proven something that made up this theory.



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