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burying my miscarried baby-but the hospital have lost it!
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kyoli0506 - April 3

I recently miscarried.
At 10-11 weeks I noticed some bleeding, I had a scan and they told me my baby had no heartbeat. I was in denial and asked to be rescanned which they done 6 days later.....It only confirmed that my baby was dead and I had to face facts.

Although devastated I opted for an ERPC as my body was showing no signs of miscarrying and my baby had died nearly 6 weeks earlier.
However the next day I miscarried in A & E.
A terrible experience where the emotional pain outweighed the physical pain.
As I had a week to think things over and read alot of information-I knew I wanted to have my babies remains and lay my baby to rest in my own way....this I found is so much more common than I ever would have thought.

I told the hospital this and they were fine about it....insisting it should be examined first after which my baby could be returned to me and laid to rest.
Only 3 days after this I was told that they couldn't find my baby (pregnancy remains) !
It had not arrived in the lab and no-one knew where it was.
I was told that it is likely it was put in the bin along with other medical waste, possibly the sluice.
I'm devastated by this news.
They had no right to do that.
That was my baby, it was going to be my son or daughter one day....I knew what I might call him or her and had memorised my due date and the year he or she would start school.....

Im sad and angry at the same time.......


kyoli0506 - April 25

Please....anyone x


jo1980crawford - April 26

i understand how you are feeling as i had a similar experience, so we had to find another way to lay our baby to rest, i hope that you can find some way of doing this.
babycentre has a better group forum with lots more support there is a uk site as well as dot com. (it won't let me post the full website, but i hope you can put them together, it has really helped me.
jo xx



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