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Common Causes
17 Replies
Kirsten - August 23

What are the most common causes of pregnancy loss? Can it be avoided?


Karen_505 - August 23

My mother has an ectopic pregnancy after I was born. It was discovered during the 3rd month. It needs to be removed through a surgery. It can't be avoided it just happens.


Lipstick - August 23

The cause that I know is stress. It usually due to work load or work environment. It can be avoided by having enough rest and avoid being pressured at work.


JaneGirl - August 24

If the cause is more on the situation or status of the mother then it can be avoided. Like stress at work. I have one friend that is struggling to have a baby but her job is the thing that makes her stress a lot so she gave up the job so as to keep the baby.


Ladylou - August 27

One cause is the first trimester bleeding. Pregnancy during this stage is very sensitive. I little failure would result to risky abortion.


lennie - August 31

Hormonal imbalance is one of the common causes of having an early miscarriage. It would probably happen during the first 10 weeks of the pregnancy. It can be treated by some suppositories.


Lipstick - August 31

I agree with you lennie. I have an office mate who has hormonal imbalance and she was like trying to get pregnant for 4 years now. She was taking some pills for it but it is not that simple.


kaireen - September 3

I want to add one cause which is the very visible one, the LIFESTYLE of the mother and also the people around the mother. Example is the factors like smoking or drinking alcohol.


Brightcurve - September 4

Other causes that I can add are infectious conditions, structural abnormalities of the uterus and chromosomal or genetic abnormalities.


Her_baby - September 5

Brightcurve- Can you expound more on Chromosomal abnormality? I just need some more information about it. thanks.


Brightcurve - September 13

Hi Her_baby... Chromosomal Abnormality is usually caused by some faulty egg or sperm. This may cause some abnormalities in the formation of the baby's chromosomes.


MOELA - September 23



Lipstick - September 23

Another cause that can be avoided though is having tiny clots in the placenta or what is called thrombophilia disorder (an increase tendency to form blood clots).


Nannywiz - October 1

I would like to add MATERNAL DISEASES. This may include congenital heart diseases and severe kidney disease that makes pregnancy too risky to pursue.


kicker_baby - October 3

in that case nannywiz, do you mean to say that mothers with maternal disease will not be able to have babies? i'm just curious about it.


Sabrina - October 3

Hello kicker_baby, it will depend on what kind of disease actually. There are those that are curable while there are those that are not.


Nannywiz - October 6

Most likely kicker_baby but as much as possible they look for ways to find a treatment for it.



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