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Common MYTHS
16 Replies
GeraldineFitcher - September 4

There are a lot of beliefs that Old Mothers have thought that it causes the pregnancy loss. One myth that is very popular is the unfulfilled food cravings.

What other beliefs that you know? Do you believe in these myths?


kaireen - September 5

I have heard of these myths. I think there is no harm if we believe in it. It is just a way of being careful just in case this are true.


Momskie - September 5

One myth also is when a pregnant mother will watch horror movies. It would most likely cause a miscarriage. To be honest, I'm not sure if I believe in it.


Lydia - September 5

Well, I don't believe in myths it may have a contribution to how the mother is feeling but it is not the real cause of the miscarriage. Medical studies have proven this wrong.


Amanda - September 9

There are also beliefs about the presence of certain unnatural creatures in the form of human beings who can smell the fragrance of the baby inside the mother's womb. I know this is ridiculous but my grandmother believes in it for it is the common cause of miscarriages in their time. She would ask me to wear black undies that would cover my uterus in order to cover the baby from these creatures that will some kind eat the fetus through some black magic.


Fishlette - September 14

I have heard of all these myths and I really don't believe in it. The black magic thing is really funny. People may have connected it to some circumstances and there is nothing else to blame but the myth that is attached to the situation.


GeraldineFitcher - October 1

Hello hello people. Yeah, there are a lot of myths and some are proven true. I think we can't blame others if they believe in it because it may have something to do with the past experiences that they encountered.


MoM - October 5

You know what, these myths would somehow make us more careful. I don't really think these are true but come to think of its purpose, it is to avoid pregnancy loss, even if not really true, it would somehow put us away from harm.


Hoklner_wise - October 5

Nice point MoM. I guess the only lesson here is to be careful and do whatever it takes to save your baby.


MomiSarah - October 7

We can't avoid having these myths but as long as you will not go out of the way just because you believe in it then I think there is nothing wrong with it.


kaireen - October 8

It's amazing how these myths came to life and is still keeps on growing with new ones. I wonder how they do that?


Anthony_study - October 18

I do agree with your views here but if we do talk about facts, these myths are totally fiction. I've learned that most mother's are influenced to believe in such beliefs because of the fear. In connection to this, mother's do blame themselves for the loss instead of the real cause of the loss. Proper education should be given to mothers in order to understand the situation.


Lydia - October 19

I agree with anthony_study about proper education for mothers so as not to be mislead to these myths that may be a waste of time and effort.


merci_rey - December 2

sometimes these myths come to life because of circumstances that are difficult to understand or with unknown cause.


Kisses - December 2

You have a point merci_rey. People are very creative in connecting things and giving meaning to it.


HOPE - December 3



DannyR - December 3

I believe in myths actually because I don't see any problem with not following the common myths.



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