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15 Replies
kaireen - August 24

D&C or Dilation and Curettage is a common procedure performed on women specifically on the uterus. When is this procedure needed to be done? What are its effects?


Lipstick - August 24

D&C usually done for miscarriages that occurs during its 2nd or 3rd trimester. It is a procedure to remove any fetal tissue in the uterus.


Catherine_14 - August 25

Dilation means enlarging and Curettage means scraping. It is a procedure done to ensure a full cleaning up of the uterus.


Brightcurve - August 27

I think this does not always apply to all miscarriages at present because there are some pills already available to stimulate the uterus and expel all those tissues out. I'm just not sure of the name of the pill. Does anyone knows?


Lipstick - September 5

Brightcurve- If through medication, there is Methotrexate which is injected and Misoprostol is a tablet placed in the vagina and these will help expel the tissue from the uterus.


MarieLD - September 23

Is this procedure painful?The way I see it, I think it is really a serious process and I wonder if it is risky for the mother's life too?


Ladylou - September 24

My d&c took less than 20 mins and I felt a little discomfort during the beginning of the process but not really painful. I was given local anesthetic so it was not really that scary.


Stella_Peter - September 24

My experience was under a general anesthesia and it was not painful at all because I was asleep. There was just little pain during the shots of the anesthesia and that's all.


Lydia - September 26

My d&c was a simple procedure too. I've had shots directly to my cervix and after such I did not feel anything although I was awake.


Bubbles0005 - October 7

Hi! I had DnC too and resulted to Asherman's Syndrome. Anyone here who experienced the same?


kaireen - October 8

Bubbles0005- Hi, what is asherman's syndrome?


MarieLD - October 8

It looks like it is a simple test but I am a little curious about its effects like Bubbles0005 post. So this means D&C may affect your future pregnancies?


Ladylou - October 8

Bubbles0005- How would I know if I am encountering such syndrome? What are the common symptoms for it?


Bubbles0005 - October 18

Thanks for your posts. Anyway, Asherman's syndrome is having adhesions to the uterus that caused infertility or recurrent miscarriages. The main symptoms are light menstrual flow or no menstruation at all and painful menstruation.


Haylee-blair - October 19

Hi bubbles0005, does your situation has something to do with the way the dnc procedure was performed?


dorriesmith - October 22

I also had a d&c and I wonder how many times is the allowable number of d&c performed? I mean is there a limit to such?



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