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decreasing HCG = Miscarriage
8 Replies
HEAVENKNOWS - September 26

HCG level should be increasing as indication of being pregnant. What if it suddenly gives a decreasing result, does it mean you are miscarrying?


fscots - September 26

unfortunately it means it is likely a miscarraige is taking place


HEAVENKNOWS - September 28

I see, so is there any way we can help that or it is hopeless? There is no bleeding yet, so what do you think?


Lipstick - September 29

I think it will depend on at what stage did the hCG level decreased but most likely if it decreased at the early stage of pregnancy then it is miscarriage even without a bleeding.


realtime - September 29

how can we measure hcg level?


MOELA - September 30



fscots - September 30

yes a decreasing hcg means that you have either miscarried or are about to no other xplanation for it im sorry to say ive just had a miscarrige after seing a very strong heartbeat but unfortunately thebaby died ten days after that scan i knew nothing was wrong til two wekks after ut died i still have very high hormonesleft in me but they are depleting afte i had tabs to get rid of th foetues sorry to be blunt but thats how it happens i had blood test with first misc they new before i actually misc because of the hormone rate falling sorry to say it hun but its truth


bluesclues - September 30

hello ladies, i'm sorry to here that fscots. i also had a mc last august and it was my first pregnancy. i am a little scared of trying again this month. honestly i was traumatized by the experience. it is very difficult to pretend that we are okay in front of our family when the truth is we are not yet over it.


Brightcurve - September 30

Lipstick is correct because hCG level is at its peak during 18 to 20 weeks I think then will decrease as the uterus takes over the growth of the baby. So it will depend on the stage when the hCG level decreased.



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