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38 Replies
Marnie - August 23

After the experience of unexpected pregnancy loss, the feeling of being depressed is expected to follow. How do you deal with it? Is there a certain program to be able to handle depression properly?


Kirsten - August 23

For mothers that are very much affected with their miscarriage, it is safe to have some counseling in order to avoid depression. It is the safest way to handle depression.


Lipstick - August 23

When the situation reached the point of depression then professional support is needed.


DannyR - August 23

When my wife discovered that she has some complications on her uterus and that our baby can't grow inside her and we have to accept it because it is too risky for her. We had a hard time accepting it and she was so depressed after the operation. I have to keep on reminding her that it has a purpose and that she has to be strong. I made sure that she has all the comfort that she needs. The recovery stage was really hard but I'm glad we made it.


Marnie - August 23

It is sad to hear that DannyR but I'm glad everything is ok now. I just have to agree that the family especially husbands should be there for their wives for support and avoid depression.


SusanRenz - August 24

Give it some time to grieve and joining a support group can help you cope with depression.


Amor Vander - August 24

What I did was looking at the brighter side of it. Trying to see the purpose and accept it. I also prayed for strength and the heart to accept.


Momskie - August 24

I had been in that state of depression due to 3 times of pregnancy loss. It was a hard struggle on my part and I cried a lot because I thought it has no hope of having a baby. I joined several seminars to make myself whole again and prepare myself for another try. Now, I should be able to call myself "Momskie" because I did it, I am a mother now.


Ladylou - August 24

Depression is something serious that a weak person should be careful with. I had a share of such state but nevertheless I cope with it naturally. I think enough rest and support from the family can ease the early signs of depression.


saturn - September 1

I'm glad to have read over your posts here. I guess what I'm going through right now is normal but I hope I'll not reach the point of being depressed. My husband is standing strong about all this and I'm glad he is there for me like DannyR did.


GirlTalk - September 3

I just cry it out over and over again. I think there is a perfect time for us, the only question I have now is WHEN????????


Marnie - September 3

GirlTalk- There is definitely a right time for each of us. That is a good thinking and don't pressure on the "WHEN" thing because you will pressure yourself and get depress by it.


MomiSarah - September 5

I had my own share of depression. I tend to blame myself and accuse my husband of not being happy with me. This is serious depression. My husband is so patient to understand me and so we had a talk and made me realized my mistake.


Amanda - September 9

Being depressed after a miscarriage is so common and we should not think of it as an isolated case because there are other mothers whose experience are harder than ours. We just have to be patient and never lose hope.


MarieLD - September 14

Very nice posts here.I think depression is a way of embracing the situation and in the long run it can give comfort to accept it.


durabell - September 26

I don't think it is that easy. I haven't experienced miscarriage yet but I'm a little bit disappointed right now for not being able to hear my baby heartbeat yet at 10 weeks.

I agree with all of your posts on how to handle it, everything has a purpose and the very important thing is acceptance and moving on.


Amor Vander - September 27

durabell-Hi, I know how you feel. Hearing the heartbeat is one of the highlights in our pregnancy especially for first time moms. I think there are really cases when it is very difficult to detect the heartbeat so no need to be alarmed if everything is normal. All the best for you and your baby.



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