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Does age matters?
13 Replies
Kirsten - August 23

In coping with the physical and emotional effect of a miscarriage, does the age of the mother matters? I have a friend at her early twenties and she loss her baby but that did not have much emotional nor physical effect on her. Is it because she is still young and have no worries of producing another baby?


Karen_505 - August 23

I think age is one factor that is important with regards to the kind of effect that the women is likely to encounter after a miscarriage. I agree that younger mothers can easily recover the experience.


kaireen - August 23

I think it won't matter because even if the mother is at her 40s it is still possible that she can recover right away because she is mature enough to handle it. So it doesn't really follow.


Marnie - August 23

Well everybody has a point here but recovering a miscarriage is more on the emotional aspect. Being young maybe can help in faster recovery because of the "more time" factor of having another baby in the future but that's it and it can be on contrary if the young mother is so into the idea of having the baby, so it will be very hard to accept and difficult to recover.


Sabrina - August 24

Hi there! I think age is not the basis but the emotional stability of the mother is.


Kirsten - August 24

I agree with all your post. Maybe my friend just got all the support that she needs plus she is emotionally stable that time.


bambi - August 27

No, age does not matter with regards to emotional recovery but age does matter with regards to physical recovery maybe. Older mother have the tendency of being very weak in getting back the natural activeness. They may have the difficulty in coping with their body again.


Brightcurve - August 27

True Kirsten, your friend was just emotionally stable, it is not because of the age. Did anybody experience a miscarriage because of your age?


Joyce35 - August 28

Well, age matters during pregnancy but I'm not sure during the recovery stage after a miscarriage. In my opinion a mother who has the acceptance of what happened despite the age can recover fast. I guess it is more on the emotional stability.


hiejron - September 15

hi everyone,i have a miscarriage at age 42 that is my third age is the main reason for the body can't handle the growth of my baby anymore because of my age.we stopped trying after that because it is too risky on my part.


bambi - September 22

hiejron's situation was what I am talking about when it comes to physical recovery at a later age. So, the decision to stop trying again is the best solution to avoid the risk.


WinonaBlues - November 25

At first sight of the question, I would definitely say that it does matter. When I read through the posts, I changed my mind because it focused on the recovery of the mother after a loss. I don't think the age will affect it because the recovery will depend on the environmental factors and the mother's emotional and physical status.


Kirsten - November 26

I'm sorry I misled you Winona with the title of the topic. I like the "does age matters" title because it is eye catching. LOL


Haylee-blair - December 3

Yeah the title is misleading but to answer this, being young may have an advantage over the recovery. On the other hand being prepared to understand what happened maybe too early for young mothers.



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