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does folic acid helps in avoiding pregnancy loss?
16 Replies
a n n a b e l l e - September 14

some say that deficiency in folic acid can cause miscarriage. i was thinking that if we take folic acid, does this mean we can decrease the risk of miscarrying? how does this vitamin helps during pregnancy?


SusanRenz - September 14

Folic Acid can help in the formation of the baby but it has no given guarantee that it will avoid miscarriage. That is how I have known it. I'll try to ask experts about it because it made me think maybe it would help lessen the risk. I'll get back with more information.


a n n a b e l l e - September 15

Oh thanks SusanRenz... I'll look forward for it.


Hoklner_wise - September 21

Folic acid helps in our preparation for the pregnancy and during our pregnancy. It can't totally avoid pregnancy loss but it can lower the risk of having a pregnancy loss.


SusanRenz - September 22

Well, I tried searching for more information on folic acid and base on my understanding it has no guarantee that it can avoid miscarriage although it is very helpful in having a healthy pregnancy. As Hoklner_wise mentioned it is necessary for the preparation for pregnancy because folate promotes pregnancy and during pregnancy because it helps with birth defects and mc's.


a n n a b e l l e - September 23

thanks for all the information. i appreciate it!


MarieLD - September 23

So I can start taking folic acid now because we are now planning to have a baby after 2 years of marriage. What brand of folate do you recommend? Can I just take it without a doctor's prescription?


Angela16 - September 30

I am taking folic acid now and also vit a and c. My OB did not explain why I need the folic acid especially during the first trimester but now I think I was well informed after reading some posts here. Very helpful, thanks!


Ladylou - October 1

The main importance of folate is to avoid birth defects and so may contribute to preventing miscarriage. It is advisable that expectant mothers should take folic acid or vit b9 because it is most important at the very early stage of pregnancy, even before the mother knows that she is pregnant.


WinonaBlues - October 1

MarieLD- Yeah you can take otc folic acid. It is much encouraged for girls at their prenancy age to take folate for preparation.


kicker_baby - October 3

sounds like i need to take folic acid as early as now. i just have one question, is there also a risk if too much folate has been taken?


Her_baby - November 22

I haven't heard of any risk if you just take enough folic acid as usually prescribed by the doctor. It is a good way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and if pregnant a healthy baby.


Angela16 - November 26

I am advised to take folic acid once a day.


Momskie - November 26

Even before getting pregnant a woman should take 400 mcg of folic acid a day.


strawberry - December 22

what happens if we had too much folic acid? could it be a risk too?


HOPE - December 22



strawberry - December 23

i see that is good to know because i am a little worried about the fact that we can just take it without any prescription.



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