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2 Replies
chael - March 30

i had an ectopic last year, august 2011, and i'm still in pieces over it, i cry all the time, i dont want to leave the house, the only thing thats keeping me going is my fiance, and i know he's getting sick of it and im sure he's going to leave!!! i need some help from someone who has been through the same, i dont already have any children, and this was a very much wanted pregnancy, i have had a miscarriage at 19 weeks before when i was with my ex, and while i wanted that child too, i knew it would have been for the wrong reasons, and i know that that miscarriage happened for a reason, i dont understand why this is happening when i want it so much.

and now to top it all off, i have started bleeding, 9 days after my normal period ended, i say normal, but it was so light, and not normal colour (sorry if this is tmi) and now i have dark red blood and mild cramps, just like period pains!! i have an appointment with the doctor tonight, as she thinks i may be pregnant again, if i am i will need close monitering, i just cant cope with all this stress right now, i want to be pregnant, but im scared it will all go wrong again, please, can anyone help me to stop feeling so stressed about it all?????


CleoJAN - June 21

although i did not experience ectopic pregnancy, i kinda have similar stressful phase in my life like yours. my husband and I are ttc for so long. aside from the stress, depression, anxieties, and all that, i feel so useless. i am just happy that my husband has his full support on me.

talk to your partner and be around with your family, they can help you cope up and regain your self confidence. don't hesitate to share how you feel so they will know how to help you out.


janice - July 3

everything happens for a reason. if it's not meant to be, it will never be. don't lose hope because there will always be a time for everyone. good luck!..



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