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Ectopic Pregnancy
0 Replies - May 11

Hi, I had pregnancy loss last month. I was 4-5 weeks pregnant. I had a little lower abdomen pain and a little brown discharge. I called my doctor, and she told me to come to the hospital and get admitted right away. During the night I was in the hospital I had a real sharp pain in my chest and shoulder. I was given IV, and an antibiotic injection.. Next morning I was very very uneasy. The doctor wanted to do scanning, and when she scanned I had a lot of blood and she wasn't able to locate the fetus.. she couldn't even see any cardiac activity.. she said the baby can be in the tube.. So its and ectopic pregnancy.. They did laprascopy and cleaned out my tubes, my tubes were saved.. but when they did the SSG on me, there was no spill in both tubes, they said one tube has inflation, and the other one had bubbles. They also gave me a Methotexide injection. I had to through a lot of pain for first two weeks... The doctors send my endometrium tissue and blood from the day of surgery to the lab and there was a desidual reaction and stela. But there were no signs of tuberclosis found.. then I had my torch test and Kochs Pannel test done. The torch test came out negative but Tuberclosis IgG came out 416.57, and IgM came out 1.29..
I don't know if the test was right, and if i have TB, and thats the reason if i had ectopic. Another thing is that I had ovulation from left side and pregnancy from right.. I also had a SSG exam in the same cycle before getting pregnant.. had a lot of pain, There was a delayed spill on one side and other spill was normal... But the doctor said she has opened both of my tubes at that time before pregnancy, can I have an infection from that test? My Husband had a little puss cells in his semenology aswell, the doctor had given us some antibiotics before I was pregnant... Now Im confused if had a normal miscarriage, because the tube wasn't ruptured and they couldn't find any tissue at the time. Please help, I really want to know my chances for future.. I think I should take that TB test again.
What can I do to have successful pregnancy?



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