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Environmental Factors that Causes Miscarriage
8 Replies
WinonaBlues - October 22

The most common environmental factor that may cause miscarriage is pollution. What other environmental factor that should be avoided in order to prevent pregnancy loss?


kaireen - October 22

To name a few are the food that we, the things that we do, and the people surrounding us contribute to whether we will have a safe pregnancy.


Fairy28 - October 23

I was warned about secondhand smoking because my husband smokes a lot. Are there instances when a miscarriage happened due to secondhand smoking?


SuReBabY - October 23

Yeah secondhand smoking has similar risks as smoking during pregnancy. It can cause miscarriage and even before conception the mother who is exposed to secondhand smoking has that risk already.


Imhere - November 4

Actually there are a lot of environmental factors but there are those that can't be avoided and should be taken seriously. I am very conscious with certain factors if I get pregnant.


SuReBabY - November 9

Imhere - I think almost all pregnant mothers should really be conscious with their health because it is not only their own life that they taking care with but another life within them.


a n n a b e l l e - November 22

the office area should also be considered for working mothers. the area should be conducive for a healthy pregnancy. as being pregnant would make the mother very sensitive and irritable. so the place of work can contribute to the environmental factors.


silverhair - November 24

The working area or environment is one factor. I also hate the idea of secondhand smoking. As a mother, I always see to it that I am in good health and condition and for this kind of environmental factor that sometimes I can't avoid, it put to risk the baby that I am carrying. Very disappointing.


Fairy28 - November 24

silverhair- It is really disappointing. Although it is not the main cause of my miscarriage but secondhand smoking affect my baby. My husband now is making an effort of minimizing smoking for my sake and our future baby.



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