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fighting to stay strong
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Daydream - September 28

I've just suffered my first miscarriage on my first pregnancy. It had taken me and my husband a long time to decide the time was right to try and i caught straight away. We went for the 12 week scan (a week and a half ago) only to be told the baby had died at 11wks 1 day.

I went to hospital last week to have a managed miscarriage rather than the heartache of carrying around my dead baby wondering when the bleeding would start and how scary that would be to deal with at home.

Physically i am fine, i have had no pain and the bleeding is easing but emotionally i am a wreck, someone said it could be my hormones now as last week i was still very strong and able to manage.

I am currently signed off from work and terrified of going back since my boss is 6 1/2 months pregnant. I am also avoiding my best friend who is about 6 weeks.

We really want to try again as soon as possible but no one is giving me any advice yet they just want me to get over this. I want to know whether to keep taking folic acid which i have stopped.

Would be grateful to talk to anyone. Thanks


Summer01 - October 7

Get your cycle back to normal & when you feel physically well & emotionally stronger, try again. 1 in 4 ends in miscarriage, I had a ERPC yesterday. I was 11 weeks & started bleeding, they said baby had died at 6 weeks. I'm gutted & feel stupid & angry, but I think we have to see it as biology, be strong & simply keep trying. I do have children, but I would dearly love one last little one


MamaMia3 - October 11

I am also dealing with the loss and all that comes with it.
The best advice is to do what is right for you. Take care of you. I know yur partner is hurting too and if the 2 of you can work through it together that is wonderful..Recognize that you deal with it differently than a man would and it is ok to grieve.
I took time off work afterwards. I found it frustrating and hard to not be physically capable, like i was beforehand, and the sight of a pregnant woman or a baby sent me into a fit of tears and envy.
It's ok to feel that way, don't beat yourself up.
I agree with previous post.....get back to being well.



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