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ginger - October 9

I think there is a need for every mother to know what to do when encountering a possible sign of miscarriage. Like the most common sign is bleeding, so what is the first thing to do? Please contribute some here and applicable pain reliever before having some medical attention.


Xpressbaby - October 12

If you know that you are pregnant you should ask your ob for contact numbers in a way that you can call easily just in case you might need it like for signs of miscarrying.


Karen_505 - October 12

You can do the procedure of handling some bleeding or if there is no bleeding and you experienced some pain you can take pain reliever for the meantime and call you doctor for an appointment of rush to an emergency room for medical assistance.


PerryTim - October 19

I think the best option is to rush to the hospital for treatment. It is too risky to do a first aid because it might not be helpful and reliable.


bluesclues - October 19

yeah going directly to the hospital is the best option but what if you live far away from the hospital and you really need to be taken cared off the soonest so this first aid procedure is really necessary to learn.


dorriesmith - October 22

I've realized that experiencing miscarriage or pregnancy loss is something that is not very general, meaning each case is different from another case. If you would have a first aid procedure it might not apply to another case. It involves life within you so you should depend on the expert in handling it.


ginger - October 23

most likely you will encounter bleeding during mc so it think that is the first aid procedure to learn. i think you are all right that seeking medical care should be done as soon as the situation occurs.


ArChIeNeSs - November 25

Pain reliever? Don't you think it would be dangerous to take some when you are pregnant?



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