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First mc, little support from bf, is this normal?
6 Replies
sweetigem - October 28

In August, I found myself pregnant 7months into our relationship. I mc 2days later at 4.5wks. We already knew we wanted our future together, but he just wasn't ready to be a dad yet. The weekend it happened, he held me and let me cry it out, and promised we'd try again when we were ready. After this, he didn't seem to want me around much, and suddenly needed space to decide if us was what he really wanted. During the month after, he was very distant with me, and is finally taking his space. With him, anything that pushes our relationship forward faster than he's ready, he'll 'run away' emotionally into his man-cave. I needed him so much, and he wasn't there. Is this normal behaviour for him? He longs for a family very much, and it was his first, my second. I'm totally lost, I'm hurting so much over our loss, I don't know how to think about anything else. Thank you.


worthway - November 2

i'm sure your bf felt bad about the lost and you can't jump into conclusions that he had some distance because of you or the baby. i think he just need some space and time to think things over.


WinonaBlues - November 26

This is normal and we can't control this kind of thing to happen. Both of your need space.


Aurora - July 10

the anxiety and stress of having mc doesn't only affects the mother, but also to the father-to-be. both of you need to understand each other.


erlindaxx - July 10

at first you said he wasn't ready to be a dad and then after that he's suddenly acting strange and needed space as if he's the only one in the world who is affected of your mc. i really don't get it! don't you think it's unfair? i say, he's not worth it and he's not man enough to stand by you. sorry to say this, he's just a waste of time!


polly - August 12

yeah i think so too erlindaxx, you have a point there! if there's a person that should be more affected, it no other than you sweetigem. you are not just hurting emotionally but also physically and the least thing your boyfriend should be doing is to comfort you and not just run away from you or whatsoever he's doing. sorry for the words.


tina - August 15

if he's not ready to be a dad, why would he even act strange about the whole thing? totally weird!



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