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first miscarriage & dont know wot to do
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saz - March 31

me & my fiance didnt plan on getting pregnant but when we did we were so happy, we couldnt wait to have a little brother or sister for our 18 month old daughter. I was worried when I was bleeding & having pains at 9-10 weeks pregnant so I went to hospital to have a scan, I was so heartbroken when we could see a baby but no heart beat it was the worst thing that could happen. it has only been a day but now I have three options to choose from, either just do nothing & wait for nature to take it's course, take tablets to speed up the process or have an op to get it over & done with. I just dunno what to do, I was thinking of the op as the other two options could take up to 6 weeks & I just want it over & done with but I'm also scared of having to have an op. has anyone else had to make this decision & if so which one did u choose? I really need someone to talk to who understands what I'm going through as none of my friends do x


Alexandrine84 - March 31

Hi Saz,
I am going through the same thing. I went to the doctor this past Monday to have my first visit and when they did the ultrasound the baby had no heartbeat. I was 8 weeks pregnant. Well lets say I was devastated and was told that I had to make a choice too. I decided to have a D&C which was done Thursday and aside from some discomfort I believe it was a good decision. With that procedure they do put you to sleep but it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for them to do, and you have less pain and bleeding. But before you decide I suggest you and your fiance talk to the doctor and let them help you decide. That is what I did.


babyhopes12 - May 3

Hi, I was 9 weeks pregnant and found that the sac kept growing but the baby never appeared,I still had morning sickness, sore boobs etc. I opted for tablets and it helped me prepare for the miscarriage as I was in control. The nurses were great and it was the right decision for me as it carries less risks, however, I don't think I could have done it if it was likely there was a baby there as you do see everything. Make your own choice. There's no right or wrong answer. I have also had another miscarriage since, and this time I waited, this was harder as I was at home, waiting and I was looking at everything with no nurse to reassure us, I personally didn't like this option as you are on your own at home and neither of us knew what to do, there wasn't much support from the hospital afterwards either, other than having hcg levels checked . It is so hard, but it does get easier x



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