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getting paranoid... no heartbeat!
13 Replies
durabell - September 13

I am on my first pregnancy and during my first visit to the OB there was no heartbeat detected. I am on my 9th week now and is it normal that the heartbeat can't be detected through a doppler yet? At what stage does the heartbeat normally detectable?


Brightcurve - September 13

Hi durabell! That is normal but you have to be careful though. Close monitoring should be done. Normally heartbeat can be detected easily during the 11th week onwards.


kAtRiNa - September 14

I also had the same feeling during my first pregnancy but it was really a bad sign. I don't mean to scare you durabell I just shared my experience too. Anyway just don't worry much because it is not healthy at all. Good Luck!


durabell - September 22

Thanks mothers...:) I am now so excited for the next pre-natal. I hope I can hear the heartbeat. Have you experience not being able to sleep because of this excitement?


sweet - September 23

I never tried hearing the heartbeat coz my mc was I think earlier that 10 weeks. Can't wait to experience that too.


durabell - September 24

I'm sorry to hear that sweet hope soon you will have another chance this time it will be successful.

I am going for a prenatal tomorrow and I just can't wait. I pray I can hear the heartbeat already.


sweet - September 24

No problem durabell. Good Luck for tomorrow.


tiny - September 24

I've had the same experience with my first pregnancy. It was difficult to detect the heartbeat and I got really scared. I think it was during my 13th week that I got to hear it. I felt like crying that time for so much happiness and relief. Just can't believe that there is another life inside of me. I'm such a drama queen at that moment. hahaha...


quo - September 26

i can relate to that tiny. i cried when i heard the heartbeat but that was only once the next time i visited there was no heartbeat detected. such a sad experience for me.


durabell - September 26

Hello again moms. I'm back and about the visit to my OB yesterday and still no heartbeat detected and I was really disappointed. I'll be scheduled again for next week and hopefully that time I can hear the heartbeat.

Thanks for sharing your experiences tiny and quo, I wish I could share the same next week.


Lydia - September 26

During our time the heartbeat is really difficult to detect using only the stethoscope, so not really something to be scared of. Now that the doppler can detect it as early as 10 weeks, that's added to the pressure to moms like you durabell. Don't be very affected by such because it is not healthy at all. As long as you have no complications on the tests then no need to get paranoid.


durabell - September 26

Thanks Lydia. Yeah I need to stop worrying about it because it just frustrate me. Anyway, I'm still on the 10th week and next week is more likely the time to expect the heartbeat.


durabell - October 22

Hello, I've been looking for my thread... I am happy to share that I've heard the heartbeat already. Thanks everyone and you are always with my prayers.


Joyce35 - October 22

Great you heard it durabell. This paranoia is common among first time moms. I even had gone through the same situation and it is really scary but it is part of the whole package of being a mother.



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