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Getting Used to it!!!
10 Replies
dorriesmith - October 6

hi everyone, good looking forum here!

I had several miscarriages for I have fibroids in my uterus and it is very difficult to conceive and if I do conceive it will just miscarry. I in a way have accepted such situation but is still trying until I may succeed. I have considered some treatments but it is too risky. I might not be able to get pregnant. I somewhat got used to it and is getting familiar with the experience that sometimes it doesn't affect me much.


Nannywiz - October 6

I think it is normal or expected that being used to the experience of loss may happen. It would tend to make us numb about it. I certainly understand mothers like you dorrie.


Lipstick - October 7

That sounds a little sad to me. I am thinking why keep on conceiving when you think you are not yet capable? I mean try to achieve full treatment first before getting pregnant so as no have more mc.


dorriesmith - October 7

Lipstick- yeah you got a point there but what can I do about it? I think I am ready to get pregnant, well I am always ready to be pregnant.


MoM - October 7

I think what Lipstick is trying to say is to consult first your doctor and ask for some treatment before trying to conceive. I know being ready is simple and easy but try to check what are the possibilities that may happen.


tiny - October 12

I don't think I can ever get use to having miscarriage. I m such an emotional person and would feel for every loss. Even if I will have several miscarriages I still don't think I can just accept it that easy. No never!


HOPE - November 26



HEAVENKNOWS - November 26

Some may come to this point. It should be ok because we can't just dwell on sad thing for all time.


Sally - December 1

I can relate to this. Especially that having some chromosomal abnormality is very common and often unavoidable.


cRoWdEdRoOm - December 1

I don't believe that there is no effect whatsoever to the mother and just say she is getting used to it. A mother has always that pain inside whether it happened so often.


merci_rey - December 2

it is a little sad to hear that some moms get a little numb about the issue. on the other hand it is really possible to happen because of too much pain especially if it happens over and over again.



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