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26 Replies
Amanda - September 1

Hi everyone!

I was just thinking of starting a new thread here about GIVING UP. I want to hear from those who almost gave up or really gave up on getting pregnant again due to pregnancy loss or maybe multiple miscarriages.

What made you decide to just give up and did you changed your mind?


Momskie - September 3

I never thought of giving up maybe a little tired of trying but not to the extent of giving up. It is worth the wait I tell you. As long as there is still hope of getting pregnant, don't ever give up.


Kirsten - September 4

I think this is but normal to feel like giving up. Women especially expectant mothers are so weak when being faced into this situation. The good point here is that we realize as we move on that there is still hope and maybe because of the help of other mothers here in this forum, we are given the will to try again because we inspire each other.


GirlTalk - September 4

Hi there! At this moment I feel like giving up. I feel so down and I just badly want a successful pregnancy. It is the one that I dearly wish for right now.


Momskie - September 4

Hey GirlTalk keep it cool. Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to join some support group that might help you cope with the situation now. You will be able to realize that your situation is better than theirs.


hiejron - September 26

in my case i have to stop trying because it is too risky for my age at 42.i have 2 children and my 3rd was miscarried.i can't risk my life to have another baby.for others who are still capable then never give up.all the luck for everyone!


Momskie - September 29

There are really cases that it is better to decide to stop trying especially if it is too risky like your case hiejron.


MomiSarah - September 29

We always give in to the idea of giving up but I believe that as long as we are still breathing there is hope for it. Be strong mothers because life is still worthwhile.


Mae Param - October 5

Every mother should not give in unless it is really impossible to have a baby. Meaning it is unreasonable to get pregnant but as long as it is still possible, don't ever give up.


PerryTim - October 6

When I think about giving up, it gives me a feeling of being useless as a woman. I think there are times when I am tempted of giving up but deep inside me says that I will just let it be, come what may kind of feeling.


GirlTalk - October 6

Hi again, I am feeling better now and is completely renewed and still believed for the time to come for me to have a baby. I guess when I am ready for it, it will be given to me.


Kirsten - November 26

That is certainly right GirlTalk. Actually, I don't like the term "give up". You are right PerryTim, I feel the same way of being useless as a woman but not to talk in general because there are other women who are fulfilled even without a baby.


goldengirl - November 26

This is far from my situation now. I've never thought of giving up and I guess I will never be thinking of giving up.


AileenMay - December 1

This is easy to say if we are still in the depressing stage but thinking over it scares me. I don't think of giving up.


maryabbygail*** - December 1

that is why we often say don't make a decision when your mind is not yet clear.


Amanda - December 1

Thanks for all your posts. Really inspiring and an eye opener for moms like me who are almost giving in on stopping to try.


Kisses - December 2

Giving up is a hard decision to make. We can never say it's over until we are told that there is nothing we can do about it and that there is no more hope.



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