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Help After Miscarriage
6 Replies
Elen - February 2

I don’t know how to put into words how I’m feeling at the moment. I’m 35 and my boyfriend is 28, we’ve been together 3 years and I’ve recently suffered a miscarriage. I’m devastated as even though the baby wasn’t planned after the initial shock it was very much wanted by both of us. I feel like this is my fault because it was my body that rejected the baby.

Daniel (my boyfriend) and me haven’t spoken about the miscarriage and I feel as if he is blaming me as well, he hasn’t cried and he’s acting like it hasn’t happened. I feel that we are growing apart; he won’t touch me not to even give me a cuddle or a kiss. I’m scared that I am going to lose him on top of losing our baby and I feel that my life as I know it is slipping away. His parents have been against us from the start and I feel that they are using the miscarriage to the advantage, he’s even moved back in with them. I’m really at a loss as to what to do. I love Daniel to bits and I don’t want to lose him.


kate2010 - February 8

I had also ben with my boyfriend 3 years when we suffered a misscarraige after trying for quite a while, noone gives you advice for how it will affect you both as a couple. My partner didn't cry or talk about it either he just shut off and tried to forget it I thought he wasn't bothered but just recently 5 months on he's started to open up he's been strong for me as I just fell apart. It's worth working at it even though it's so so difficult. x x x


kelma - February 12

im 39 and suffered a miscarraige at 14 weeks and like Elen we hadnt planned another child but the baby was very much wanted after the shock had gone ive been with my partner for 14 years and he has been a rock for me this past few days but i feel very selfish as i havent even given his feelings a second thought i feel empty and hurt at our loss i know Billy has feelings as well but i really cant seem to relate to his feelings as i feel im the one who had to go through the loss and pain not him even though it was as much his baby as mine :( - July 14

My daughter who is 28 lost her baby Jan 31 2012. It's been 6 months now and she just cant get pass losing her little love. I don't know what to do she has lost her long black hair which is starting to grow back now you can see the emptiness in her beautiful eyes. She does not want to go on. She just started coming out of her house but just for a brief moment she is torn apart. This would of been our first baby. I guess I really dont know what I'm asking I'm lost too. I just want to keep her in my pocket so I know at any moment I will be right there. My heart brakes for her. Any suggestions on help for a woman that doesn't want to go on without her little honey. Thank you for your time. Mama who doesn't want to loose her baby thats 28.


summer69 - July 22

Hi i am 42 and have just suffered a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks i thought i was 18 weeks had a bleed and went for scan to be told that no hearbeat and baby not grown since 14 weeks. I am so low i cant bear to go out and see people i know it is early days yet and it happened a week ago but just wondered if any advice on how i can move on.


morningglory - February 23

The only advice I have is that time heals, but the loss never really goes away. I have suffered three pregnancy losses, the first being over 20 years ago when I was 16 weeks pregnant and had to deliver the baby. I suffered, moved on but I still feel the loss to this day.


deanna - June 28

at some point, you also really need to grow apart. he is 7 years younger, guys don't mature just like ladies do. maybe you need to lie low at the moment. the only people who can understand your situation right now would be your parents. reach out to them.



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