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How dads should react?
25 Replies
Lipstick - August 23

Dads are the least likely to be concerned about. I mean the father's reaction or feeling about it is not given much attention than those of the mothers. What do you think is the effect on fathers?


kaireen - August 23

I agree with you. It's just now that I've realized that dad's feelings are being taken for granted. I think it's also hard for them being disappointed of almost having a baby...:(


DannyR - August 23

My experience was really hard. I have to look ok and strong for my wife. The loss was something that is difficult to accept but I had to.


Sabrina - August 24

I admire dads like you DannyR.I know that what mothers feel are the as how fathers feel.Both of you are parents and are disappointed over the loss.Hope everything is fine now.


Halina_88 - August 24

The fathers are the only strength that the mother can lean on. So, I guess they just have to be strong and even if they grieve they have to see to it that their wife is fine and help them recover from the pain it brought them.


John23 - August 24

Hi I'm John and I had experienced losing a baby, my second baby. It was a tough time and I reacted with so much pity and grieve during the first week. It was a stillbirth and we were not expecting it would happen.


Catherine_14 - August 25

Dads should not react like mothers do. They should be strong and encourage their wife to accept and be strong too.


John23 - August 31

I agree with your point Catherine but we are just humans and to grieve like mothers do can't be avoided. I know that I should comfort my wife during the recovery but I have to do the same to myself too.


kAtRiNa - September 1

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry for the dads who have to look strong for us. I agree with John23 that they are weak too so it is fine if they would also break down and cry. We can't force them not to grieve. My husband is very supportive and I can feel the sadness the he is encountering right now. It is fine with me as long as we are on this together.


lily24flower - September 13

the father of the baby that i am carrying now does not know about it. i can't tell him because i know he is not ready for this. if he does know then i think he will just tell me to abort the baby. i'm sorry for your experiences mothers. i am trying to make myself believe that this baby is a blessing and i should stop thinking of having an abortion or hoping to miscarry because i am not ready for this too. i know all of you will get angry but i am struggling right now.


Fishlette - September 14

I really admire fathers that will do everything to make things feel okay. I know it is not their responsibility to do so but they are giving effort on it.
lily-I think you should inform the father of your baby but be strong to stand up for the baby even if he is not ready to accept it. It is indeed a blessing.


Steven - September 23

Hello everyone, my wife miscarried last week and it is our 3rd loss this year. I dont know the exact reason for the loss of the baby and im getting worried about it. Although I can accept the fact that it happened for some reason but my wife is getting tired of it. What should I do?


Fairy28 - October 23

Hi steven I just admire you for your effort of asking for a solution for your wife's situation. I'm sure that fathers are really affected as much as mothers do.


silverhair - November 2

my son in law was not that affected by their loss but instead it is myself who was very much worried about it. my only daughter miscarried my grandchild due to so much stress at work but doctor says it is in her body that caused such loss.


Imhere - November 4

My husband is very supportive and patient with me. I've got no problem about that. I know he also feels the same longing as I'm feeling.


LotsOfLove - November 9

silverhair- That is normal to feel but you can't really judge your son-in-law that way because fathers are not that showy with their feelings. Maybe he is just trying to keep it to himself to be a source of strength of his wife, your only daughter.


AlfredJames - November 9

Yeah, we are not that transparent when it comes to emotional matters. Of course we feel the loss and it is not easy for us.



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