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How long does the bleeding last?
8 Replies
Karen_505 - August 28

During and after the miscarriage there is the presence of bleeding. I'm not quite sure how long will it last. After the miscarriage is it really expected that mothers would encounter vaginal bleeding? How long does it normally last?


lennie - August 31

Normally it will last a week and it is comparable to a heavy menstrual flow. If it will last for 2 weeks and the quantity exceeds a pad or tampon in an hour then it is best to consult your doctor about it.


Lipstick - August 31

There are those who does not have any bleeding at all. They just have cramps and if there is blood it is only a light flow or spotting. So it will not really apply to all who miscarry.


Karen_505 - August 31

Hi Lipstick, I think the spotting is still considered bleeding in my opinion. I am just curious if there is an instance that there is definitely no spotting or bleeding at all after the miscarriage?


saturn - September 1

hello everyone! i just had my mc last Aug. 19 and I'm just worried about the spotting that until now I'm still experiencing.It's almost 2 weeks now so do you think this isn't normal? Do I have to be worried and see my OB?


lennie - September 14

Karen_505-Yeah there are some cases where no bleeding will happen at all. I guess the main symptom for the said pregnancy loss will the absence of the heartbeat.
saturn- It is best to see your OB at this time.


kaireen - September 15

As I've read through it usually lasts 7 to 10 days and should not be more heavy than a normal menstrual flow.


ginger - October 24

it is really important to take note of your bleeding to avoid hemorrhage. it is risky for the mother if she has not much knowledge on how long will the bleeding last.


AileenMay - November 25

I miscarried last month and my bleeding lasted for a week and another week for light spotting. I was really scared at first because for the first week of heavy menstrual flow, I though it was not normal at all but my OB said that I should not worry about it and just keep in touch with her if the bleeding still continues more than a week.



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