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i am still recovering...:(
16 Replies
saturn - September 1

Hello mothers, i just want to get this longing out of my chest. I had a mc last Aug.19, 2009 and on this day I can't help but cry in longing for my baby. It is so hard and I feel so heavy that my heart just can't take it. I just want to accept it but it is very difficult.


kAtRiNa - September 1

I feel for you saturn. I just had my second mc and I can say that I'm still going through the same thing as my first. It will take time and to be honest I'm getting worried of my situation. I don't want to think that it is hopeless because I still want to try. The problem with me is that my uterus is very weak in handling the growth of the baby. OB says I need to be on a bed rest that really boring for me. I hope saturn we will be ok and still hope for a full-term pregnancy.


Amanda - September 1

We all feel the same. Take your time and sooner or later it will just pass. Just don't be like me of almost giving up. Just hold on and it normal to be sad and cry.


saturn - September 4

Katrina-Sorry about your mc and thanks for the concern. Yeah we can make it! I am feeling better than the other day. Like Amanda said it will just pass and also there is nothing we can do about the past. We still have a future to face.


Amanda - September 5

That is the spirit saturn. I am having some positive feedback right now about my possible pregnancy. I am not suppose to say anything yet but I can't help. I think I'm pregnant again but still have to wait for the doctor's findings.


PrettyWoman - September 8

I am truly sorry for your loss and sympathise as I had the same experience 2 weeks before you. One day everything was fine and at the next scan my baby had no heartbeat. I am devastated and long for this bump in my body that shouted to the world "look I'm pregnant". I have a very loving partner and his family has been very supporting as my own is abroad so please don't hesitate to ask for help as just being cuddled makes a great difference. I can't pretend to tell you that it will get better as it is also a struggle for me but good luck to you.


PrettyWoman - September 8

Hi everyone i am still looking for someone who has gone to Professor Regan and would be willing to discuss what they had to do and what were the results.I know there will be blood tests etc but what else to expect? Does anyone know? Thanks


durabell - September 13

I don't think I can handle a fast recovery if ever I'll experience a miscarriage. I'm sorry to hear your stories. I am on my 9th week and I still can't hear a heartbeat through doppler. I am getting paranoid but I should think positive and OB says it is normal because the baby is still so small. Wish me luck.


bambi - September 22

Good luck durabell. I'm happy for you. Wish I could just worry about hearing the heartbeat and doctors says it's normal on the early stage. But I will not lose hope on this.


durabell - September 24

Thanks bambi..:) I'll am scheduled for a pre-natal tomorrow and just can't wait. I'll keep you posted.


kicker_baby - September 24

hi... i know it is really difficult to cope the miscarriage but how long will the recovery last? i'm sorry but i haven't experience mc and i am just looking for suggestions on how to deal with this for my sis-in-law.


Xpressbaby - September 26

Hello ladies, I'm sorry for your loss. I also had my mc last month and I pretty had a fast recovery since I was at my 6th week when it happened. I guess each mother's recovery would depend on how and at what stage of the pregnancy the mc occured.


kicker_baby - September 29

my sis-in-law is better now but there are times that she just keep so silent and i think that is difficult to avoid. but i am happy that she is starting to accept it.


xXStephXx - October 22

I admire most moms who recovered well. I am still at my physical recovery and maybe a little emotional too. I am thinking of the thoughts of caring for my supposedly baby at this moment. Really tough but I have to accept it. I'm feeling some physical pain now and hope this will be over soon.


marisca - November 6

i lost my baby exactly a month ago today.i was 21 weeks pregnant and so excited!it was the worst day of my life and everyday i cry for the moment i feel like i will never get over it.but i know life has to go on.reading your posts give me hope, i feel like the only people who understand the pain are those who have experienced the same.


merci_rey - November 9

very true marisca, i also loss by baby last month and it was really hard for me but now i learn to accept it and moved on.


SassyMom - November 20

I am happy that there are forums like this in order to help us relate to one another and feel better. As of the moment I am still on the process of accepting the loss and praying for another blessing to come our way.



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