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i can't drink coffee anymore...:(
9 Replies
barbie - September 23

I have had a miscarriage last year due to stress. Right now I think I am pregnant and my OB warns me on too much coffee. I really like drinking coffee and now I have to stop if because it may cause pregnancy loss because of the caffeine.


Marnie - September 23

I think drinking coffee is not totally prohibited but limiting it to 1 cup a day is fine. Too much caffeine would can cause miscarriage, in my case I do drink coffee at times but when I'm pregnant I avoid any drinks that has caffeine.


Momskie - September 23

Just avoid the strong ones and try the 3 in 1 kind of coffee. I also tried doing the aroma style, because there are times when I really wanted to drink a black coffee, so what I did is just smelling the coffee and I satisfied myself.


barbie - September 26

Good strategy you have there Momskie. Yeah the aroma of the coffee would somehow give some satisfaction and in my case it would only give me about 20% of it.LOL! Anyway, I have to discipline myself on it because I need to sacrifice for my baby.


sweet - October 7

What are the effects of caffeine to our pregnancy or baby. Is it possible to result to a miscarriage?


SusanRenz - October 7

Caffeine can cause increase heart rate and blood pressure so it is risky for the mother and may cause miscarriage. As for the baby, too much caffeine will affect the nutritional supply of the baby, thus will have abnormal development.


Angela16 - November 9

Well, I'm really that coffee drinker but I do drink at times but now that I am pregnant I avoid drinking one.


cRoWdEdRoOm - November 21

Drinking coffee is not really a very common cause of miscarriage but instead a cause for some abnormalities in the baby. It could be in the physical or mental aspect.


Fairy28 - November 21

Even if it is not a common cause of miscarriage caffeine should still be dangerous to the baby. I think sacrificing to stop drinking coffee is not that hard to do.


Amanda - December 1

Even if not pregnant, caffeine should still be taken in limitation.



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