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i feel so alone
6 Replies
x liz x - June 16

i lost my baby 5 weeks ago i was 5 weeks and 4 days what i am finding really hard to deal with is that my sister in law that lives just up the road was about 2 weeks futher than me and im finding it so hard to even look at her i just wanna scream. its not fair she didnt even want her baby i convinced her to keep the baby. i have been hiding away so to speak but she came round today said she knows its gonna be hard but we are friends not just sisters half hour later she is on about tests and scans she has had. and i just want to tell her to f*** off and stop being so selfish i feel so alone


pmaf - June 21

I am so sorry. I understand your pain... We had been trying for over a year and finally got pregnant only to lose our baby at 11 weeks (it didn't grow beyond 6 wks) and started on my birthday, whilst on holiday... It's now been over four weeks of bleeding, I'm still miscarrying, it's just awful, but what makes it so much harder, is that I'm finding out about other people's pregnancies all the time, and I just want to cry... My best friend told me today that she is 12 weeks pregnant, with her second child, she's had two miscarriages before so is trying to be understanding, but it's so difficult to hear this when you're still going through it... Also another friend told me her brother's expecting, around the same time we would have been, but it was unplanned, they fell pregnant straight away and how it's really bad timing for them... I don't want to feel so bitter, but I do... Life is soooo unfair...


chloe - June 24

I know how you feel, I wasnearly 11 weeks when I lost my baby in May. I hate that other people can have healthy pregnancies, and hate it when people talk to me about pregnancy and their kids. My partner has a child with his ex wife, and I even feel angry that he has that with someone else, and I am unable to give him a child. Why is it sohard for some to just have what they want. Your really not alone, theres many of us feelin like this. But I know its how you feel everyday, alone, like no one understands, theres a missing piece to you, and sometimes it can feel worse and like people are rubbing it in your face that they can have children. Im told time heals,its over a Month for me now, and im angry and crying, I hope time healing hurrys up already. I hope you are ok, no one knows exactly what you are going through, but wecan understand to an extent. Take Care xxx


Katie123 - July 13

I found out sat I have had a second miscarriage at 10 wks. It was also my birthday and my due date of the baby I miscarried earlier in the year. It just feels like every Tom, dick and Harry is pregnant and it is heartbreaking. I am fortunate to have a little girl who is pulling me through, really don't know what I would do without her. Doesn't make you feel better but it is good to know your not alone and so many women share how your feeling. I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant this time only my partner and close friends, so knowone knows what I am going through. Hope you feel better soon


melissae1 - July 17

I lost my baby at 7 weeks in March and a close friend had a baby on the same day. I had to give it severalweeks before I could see her, which was so hard as we hadn't told anyone we were pregnant. It just feels so unfair when you see girls/women who are pregnant, smoking or not looking after themselves and you just want to scream. I have found that gradually spending more time with my friends babies has been theraputic but you will always have the lump in your throat and the feeling of empty arms.

Wishing you all healthy preganancies for the future.

Katie - I also want to say that it must be so hard to have 2 m/c back to back and also some attitudes of people when they find out you already have children, as in some way it shouldn't matter as much, which is just uttter bull$hit.


laurajane - August 1

i know how ur all feel iv had 2 miscarriages i had no bleedin or pain just went 4 routine 12 week scan and found out id lost my 1st baby had 9 weeks and my 2nd baby at 7 and half weeks, i feel angry and upset all the time im dreadin goinback work as there are 2 ladies pregnant , i have a good family but i just seem 2 put a brave face on and say im fine wen inside im screamin. my heart goes out 2 u all hope u all find happiness xxx


sharlene - August 9

No one can undstand how it feels to have a misscarriage unless they have had one themselves! i had a missed misscarriage when me and my hubby went for our 12 wk scan and we were so happy sitting in the waiting room watching the baby channel, and excited to see our baby for the first time!when we had the scan there was nothing on the screen but an empty sack that our baby should have been growing in. i broke down.i worked with 2 other pregnant woman and there was only 2 wks between us,i was the only 1 to plan my pregnancy! i cant go back to work,see family or go out yet it seems too quick.Nobody can say the right thing,if they say there sorry for my loss I think they dont mean it and if they dnt say anything then its even worse! i still feel so upset and its wrecked my veiw of prenancy! But the one and only possitive thing that i will take from this horrible experience is that i kno how it feels to have a misscarriage and any selfish bone that i had in my body has gone! and if me and my hubby are lucky enough to have children 1 day then we will cherish and enjoy every moment of there lives and be able to give them advice if ever there in this position! Wishing you all Good Luck and Happiness for the future! xXx



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