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If no D&C but needed?
11 Replies
AlfredJames - November 9

Hello, my wife was advised to undergo a d&c but she is scared or does not want to, so what risks are there for her?


Bubbles0005 - November 15

It will be risky for her because the purpose of a D&C is to clean up the uterus for some left behind tissues that may be harmful to the body. So, in this case your wife should have followed the doctor's advice.


Xpressbaby - November 21

Your wife should undergo such procedure if the doctor prescribed such. Anyway, it is still for her own safety and for the baby if she will conceive again.


dorriesmith - November 21

It would be very risky for her and Xpressbaby is correct that it for their own good.


AlfredJames - November 21

I was also thinking the same but my wife just can't get the idea. We are always arguing every time I open the topic. I don't know what to do.


SuReBabY - November 21

I think it will help if your doctor will explain to her the risks that she may face if she will not follow such prescription. I think she can't go against the doctor and it is just a simple procedure that will not take that long.


QString99 - November 21

Yeah dnc is a minor procedure and will take a few minutes so there is no need to be scared of.


xXStephXx - November 21

Thinking like your wife, don't you think that she may feel that she is just doing fine? I mean she is the one who knows better and maybe there is really no need to have a d&c.


ginger - November 22

although she may be faced with certain risk, i think she has an explanation aside from being scared of why she don't want to undergo d&c.


ally_2802 - November 22

Hi, it was interesting reading your post and those who also contributed.
You are right, that if her doctor has recommended a D&C, that he/she has your wifes interests in mind. However, for a womans point of view, that can be a very final end to something which you do not want to be ending. It could be that your wife may see not having a D&C as a way of holding on, it may be her coping strategy and she may feel that she will fall apart emotionally if she consents.

I hope by now she has made some progress as your post was almost a month ago. Good luck.


AlfredJames - November 24

It has been two weeks and a half now and I still can't convince her to undergo d&c. I hope she will just be fine. Her doctor can't convince her either, but still ask me to try to convince her to undergo the procedure.


Naomi - November 26

I had a d&c and it was not really scary at all. Your wife should not be scared about it.



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