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In the middle of possible miscarriage
6 Replies
janed25 - February 26


Yesterday evening I started bleeding & stupidly didn't do anything about it - I have been going through a very rough time recently with a relationship break up. During the night I passed something while on the toilet, I daren't look for fear & just flushed the toilet. I was still bleeding quite heavily this morning with more stomach cramps. I have been to see the doctor & she has referred me to the hospital - I've had to come home so a friend can take me, as i'm in no state to drive. The doctor told me to "keep an open mind" but I have convinced myself my worst fear will be confirmed when I have a scan later today.
I feel completely numb right now & didn't know what else to do & so have posted on here, in hope someone could give me some reassurance. Thanks for listening.


rachie - February 26

read my previous post, it doesnt look good but fingers crossed it is possible u r ok, just in the middle of iy myself i cant stop crying and its and awfull awfull time my heart goes out to u xxxx


janed25 - February 27

Hi Rachie, Thank you for your reply. Yesterday was a pretty turbulent day. I went to the hosiptal, I had a scan & then an internal scan - the woman who did the scan told me that I had lost the baby. I was completely distraught, so they put me in a side room. I was sat there for just over 2 hours, no one came to speak to me & in the end I just didn't know what to do & I walked out. Stupidity on my part again, but I just didn't know what else to do, all I wanted was to be at home where I felt safe.
I'm sorry to hear what you're going through too. I know the doctors say these things can't be helped, but all I can think is what if i'd done this differently or done that differently. Everyone is telling me not to think like that, but it's easier said than done. I guess blaming myself is part of the course.
I hope all goes o.k. for you. My thoughts are with you x


lauraj - April 29

Hi, ive got a scan 2moro to see if ive miscarried. Although this one feels different from my 1st one im pretty sure ive lost this baby too. Im trying to stop myself from crying at the moment so i dont worry my 5 yr old and my boyf. This will be the 3rd baby he's lost like this and i feel so guilty. I just wish i could curl up and sleep for a couple of weeks.


nicky1601 - April 29

I found out last night i was pregnant, upset and worried my boyfriend and i spoke bout how we wud cope, 4 hours later i started bleeding, after spending 5 hours up at the local hospital I have to go back tomorrow early morning to have a ultra sound scan to see if the babys still there, i can't believe how much i wanted the baby untill the chance of it not being there have being an emotional wreck all day, i just can't sleep for thinking about the worst. i've not stopped blaiming myself what if i hadnt panicked about the situation in the first place is it my fault by wondering if i could be strong enough to be a mother, I am only a teenager, and yes theres plenty of time in the future but untill now i didnt want a child!


rachie - April 30

hi sorry its took me so long to get back to you. it has took me so long to come back on to this web site, i have been in a lost world for a couple of months forgetting appointments not doing anything not bothering with my appearance ect, amy way im really sorry you lost the baby too. how are you?. how are you coping etc, i hope you reply, xxx

Lauraj how are you?. there is nothing we can feel guilty about. its not our fault so please dont think like this xxx

hi. i hope you are ok. there is nothing i can say to make you feel better and i certaintly am not going to say anything about your age, thats not an issue the issue is what your going through and im here if you need me, try to relax which is hard i know, let me know how you got on. xxxx


nicky1601 - May 1

Hi, thanks for responding, luckily the baby is ok, I am 5 and a half weeks gone the baby is 2mm big in the top of my uterus, they don't understand why i was bleedin but since finding all this out i have started spotting but all still seems ok. I know i am one of the lucky ones so for that i am grateful and i wish all other woman out there inthese circumstances the best of luck. especially at a time when u feel so low. all the best xxxx



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