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Isolated/Extreme Causes
8 Replies
SuReBabY - October 4

There are those causes of pregnancy loss that are isolated, meaning very rare, or extreme, meaning it can be avoided but for some reason the mother or the people around the mother just don't care to avoid it.

Share some of your experiences and views here.


kicker_baby - October 5

i think mothers who are smokers or alcoholic would suffer from miscarriage. It is a rare case because if you are pregnant of course you don't smoke or drink unless for mothers who are addicted to it.


SuReBabY - October 5

Yeah that is one extreme cause of mc but the most common effect of which is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS is a disorder to the embryo like mental retardation which is permanent.


Sally - October 7

Is chromosomal disorder an extreme cause? Is it something that I can avoid but i just was not able to do it because I did not know I have it?


Bubbles0005 - October 7

I would consider my situation an isolated cause for mc and infertility. I had Asherman's syndrome due to the DnC procedure that I had 2 years ago.


MarieLD - October 8

Sally- So far chromosomal disorder is very common and not an extreme cause, although usually a mother will not know that she has such problem unless she had some tests before conceiving.


Sally - October 18

MarieLD- I see, so if my case is common then there should be a treatment for it and would not happen again to a mother who is having such disorder. That is how I see it because the fact that this disorder has been affecting mothers over and over again, studies should have found its cure.


Her_baby - October 19

Sally- I deeply understand your concern. Chromosomal abnormality is very common because there are a lot of cases that such problem is the reason for the miscarriage and this abnormality has a lot of different situations and treatment for such also would vary. There are those that are easy to correct while there are others that is really difficult to cure.


Imhere - October 22

One rare case is molar pregnancy although such pregnancy don't develop a true fetus but it is still a loss for a mother. Pregnancy test would result to positive but there is really no baby that has developed. It is a result of a genetic error in the fertilization that would give a growth of abnormal tissue within the uterus.



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