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Just lost my baby
2 Replies
Abs2008 - November 26

I have been in very bad pain for three days and have had lots of bleeding. The hospital got a pregnant doctor to do my tests. How to make me feel even worse! Well my hormones levels confirm I have lost my baby. To everyone around me it might just be blood and tissue but to me I have lost a baby and my hopes and dreams. Me and husband are really arguing and I dont feel he is supporting me. I just feel so empty and lonely.


Kev - November 29

Hi honey, me too. I miscarried last Tuesday 23 November, this was my second miscarriage as I lost my previous baby a year ago in November 2009. First piece of advice I can give you is to be kind to yourself, and pamper yourself. It does help. I have been biting my husband's head off and we have been snapping at each other. I've come to realise that this was our way of coping and getting the anger out. Guys are not mind readers, and my husband thought I was initially coping really well, that's because I didnt want to cry infront of him as I was trying to be strong. Then one night as we were lying in bed I told him I was just devastated at the loss and I cried. When he realised just how fully upset I was he became more understanding and our relationship is actually much stronger than it was before. Also remember that your husband is grieving too. It's easy to overlook that and I had to remind myself that my husband also needed a hug. You are not alone, hold my hand and we will walk the path of our grief together! Grieve for your baby as I do for mine, let the tears fall and don't bottle them up. I went out and bought a charm that has three little hearts on it, one representing my daughter and the other two representing my lost babies. I felt as if I had to mark the fact that they existed and it does bring me comfort to know that I have a permanent reminder of them. Wishing you peaceful sleep and a heartfelt hug x.


xxchazzlexx - January 1

Hi, i lost my baby in June and have been finding it really hard, ive been diagnosed with depression. I got married in September and on my honeymoon i got a tattoo to represent my baby, its a bird. It means to me that the bird is looking after my baby and it just seems peaceful to me. It helps when i look at it. I think you should find something to represent your baby. It sounds silly but it helps me, sometimes it just feels like a nightmare and i feel alone too. I think you should sit your husband down and tell him how you feel and maybe pay a visit to the doctors.
Get away from your enviroment that helped me when i lost my baby. Hope this can help in some way..
And Kev's right, we'll all walk this road together xxx



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