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Low Amniotic Fluid worries me... help!
10 Replies
Vivian - October 20

Hi, I am vivian and I am pregnant at 15 weeks and I was told by my OB that I might have a low amniotic fluid that might be a cause to miscarry. I still have to go back to my OB for further observation and I am really scared about it. I need to know what are my options or does anybody experienced the same and share her story.


HEAVENKNOWS - October 20

Have you had an ultrasound already? There is not much to worry about low amniotic fluid for there are many ways to treat it compared to too much of it. One treatment is the amniotic infusion for early stage of the pregnancy.


Vivian - October 21

I just had my ultrasound and I think amniotic infusion will be performed. I am kind of scared about it.


Anthony_study - October 22

My aunt experienced the same too and she was just advised for a bedrest and she delivered a healthy baby. Hope same with you vivian.


Imhere - October 22

I wonder what are the causes for having low or too much amniotic fluid? Are these avoidable?


Vivian - October 23

My doctor is still trying to run some tests on what causes my oligohrydramnios because there are many causes of having such instance during pregnancy.


SusanRenz - October 24

Some causes of having low amniotic fluid is the less intake of water by mothers or dehydration. So, mothers should see to it that they take enough water especially during summer when it is very hot.


Imhere - November 9

So that's really literal for the cause. I assume that doing the other way would be risky too.


Brightcurve - November 22

This is also a common cause of miscarriage but not so hard to solve. How is it going Vivian? Any update on your status. This will be a helpful knowledge to other mothers.


Vivian - November 24

Hi, thanks for the concern. I am happy to say that my pregnancy is normal now. There was no procedure made and my OB said that everything's normal now.


merci_rey - November 26

that's good! keep it up vivian.



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