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4 Replies
LisaF - February 8

I miscarriage on Tuesday and blunt as this may sound I can`t come to terms with the fact that the life we created has been flushed down a toilet pan. I am due to attend a support group in a couple of weeks and hope I can get my head around this terrible event that has changed and shaped our family forever. All advice greatly appreciated.


dh - February 10

Hi Lisa, I miscarried Thursday. I was 9 wks pregnant and the baby died at 7wks. I went for a scan last wednesday and will never forget the nurses face as she turned to me and told me my baby had died. I'm having trouble getting back to normal, it's amazing how much your life changes when you find out you're pregnant. I also feel very guilty as all my family were so looking forward to this baby. I understand how you are feeling, I wanted this so much.



dd - February 11

hi lisa i had a miscarriage on monday and i feel exactly the same it was my first pregnancy and just as i got my head around becoming a parent, choosing baby names and all the rest, I went for my scan and they couldnt find a heart beat. Its the wurst news possible and its all you can think about its like you see your whole future, everything you planned crumble in front of your eyes.The hardest thing for me was telling everyone the bad news I just wish it didnt happen i still dont understand why it happend. I think at first it seperated me and my partner but you just have to stay strong for each other and keep going thats all you can do to eventually pull through.


neilandden - February 11

I am 6 weeks pregnant and started bleeding last week. I have had 2 previous miscarriages after having a son 4 years ago. My 1st miscarriage was at 9 weeks but I was told that the baby had died around 6 weeks. The second miscarriage was 6 months later at 6 weeks. After having carried a baby full term previously my husband and I were devastated and at a loss to understand why. I went for counselling set up by my widwife which really helped but the whole situation put such a strain on our marriage and it has taken us 3 years to try again. Now I am bleeding and whilst I had have an internal scan 3 days ago which showed a heartbeat I am terrified that this pregnancy will end the same way as i am still bleeding. My husband says we should be grateful for what we have and I know this it true but I so desparately wanted another child and can't understand why this keeps happening.


dh - February 12

Hi, when i started bleeding last week i read loads of stuff that said a lot of women bleed throughout their pregnancy. I also had loads of people telling me how they bled whilst they were pregnant. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me though. I think you have to just try and stay positive as they have heard a heart beat, although I know how hard this must be. I know I will be terrified if I get pregnant again. This was my first pregnancy and we had been trying for nearly 2 years. Everyone keeps saying to me your time will come, but that's not the point - it felt like i'd been pregnant for ages and had already built up a bond with the baby even though id only had it for 9wks.
I really hope everything works out for you, stay positive.



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