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crimson1345 - May 6

I had a miscarriage on feb. 14 of this year and to this day it feels like the day it happened. im sad and upset i still cry all the time. sometimes i just feel really mad towards my boyfriend since it happened. the day the doctor told me that the baby was no longer there i couldnt stop crying my boyfriend drove me home and he held me for about 20 mins and then he goes on the internet and checks his email and surfs threw the news articles like nothing even happened. then i have to go use the toilet cause im bleeding uncontrollably and im in alot of pain and he calls up his ex and has a conversation with her like he doesnt care what was going on with me. i feel like i have no one to talk to about this i feel like my bf doesnt care. no one in my family or anyone i know has ever went threw a miscarriage. and i feel like im dying slowing inside everytime i think about it. im afraid to try again cause im afraid to find out if there is something wrong with me cause im in the military and i work with alot of hazmat. plus i NEVER want to go threw the physical and mental pain of a miscarriage ever again.


princess83 - May 7

I am so sorry for your loss crimson. I had a miscarriage last september. I believed I was 11 weeks, but the baby had stopped growing at 8 and a half weeks. Not only had I suffered a miscarriage but the week before I had a seizure (I had never had one before). Although through my pregnancy my husband had been completey supportive, it felt like I was completley alone after i had lost the baby. Like your boyfriend he comforted me (particuarly while I was in hospital having a d&c) but when I came out of hospital he acted like nothing had happened and in fact was more concerned with the fact i couldn't drive for a year because of the seizure i had. I was lucky that I had the support of my family, who although hadn't gone through this themselves were able to comfort me. Trust me you may not belive it now, but it does get easier. For me it's taken 8 months to feel ready to try for another baby. I can think about that time now and not want to cry. And me and my husband had a lot of soul searching. And I understand why he was so cold towards the miscarrage. it was his way of coping. he just focused all his enery on something else. its made us stronger as a couple. I wish you all the luck in the world. take care xxx



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