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missed misscarriage
2 Replies
fiffi - February 12

i have been trying to fall pregnant for 3 years now. and when i found out i was finally pregnant on boxing day i was very happy. i had a bloodtest done the day before yesterday, which suggested that i was earlier in my pregnancy as calculated, so i had to have an ultrasound. My doctor was not available by the time i got the results, so i had a peak. the letter said that the baby died in around week eight. i am in week 12 though, and had no bleeding or anything. it's a weekend now and i am not sure what to do. if the baby has been dead in my tummy for so long could it make me sick. i really dont know what to do. has anybody experienced the same? i cannot stop crying.


frenchie - February 14

I went through this last month. My blood test results worked out that I was about 11 weeks pregnant when I had my first scan on jan 10th but at the scan i was told that although the egg had implanted, it had not developed. I felt my world was over and even now I am finding it hard to come to terms with.
You won't be "sick" physically carrying the baby for a few more days but you will need to see the doctor. For me the doctor gave me some tablets to use like pessaries and sent me home. It was very painful I'm afraid but I miscarried what was there and avoided needing to go to the op theatre.
Cry all you need to, don't forget Dad either, he's probabily feeling pain as well. I have planted a magnolia in my garden as a sort of memorial too.


helenlamb30 - February 18

I have been through the same, I went for my scan on 3rd December 2009 and should have been 13 weeks but they baby had died at 9weeks and 2 days. I was gutted, I have not been able to think about anything else since. I re-live that day evry day of my life and can think about nothing else other than being pregnant again. I know that another baby will never replace the baby I lost but I think it would help with the grief of what I have lost. I feel for evryone who is going through the same nightmare as me and wish I could make it better. It is a very lonely grief. Take care and rememebr that it takes time to get over such a devasting loss that we have experienced.



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