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My baby gone! :'(
2 Replies
Fi - April 10

hello all... im fifteen years old and have just found out that i have misscarried my first child. i was unaware of the fact that i was pregnant until i lost it. i have been to the doctors and recieved no help at all, i was told to go home and rest....but i dnt want to rest i need to keep busy otherwise i just sit n think about that child that i have killed by not looking after myself properly... i feel lost n astho i am empty inside. kids are all i ever want in life. and ino that i am too young to be a mum but im sure i could cope with the support from my family and friends. i cant see any light at the end of the tunnel eventho i am being reassured that everything gonna be ok. only my boyfriend and antie n uncle are aware of what as happened but no matter wat they try and do i dnt seem to feel anybetter. i just waan shrivel up in a corner and cry all day long and have been for the past cuple of days, i feel worthless. wat can i do? x


laurax_947 - April 12

Hi huni!! i totally see where you are coming from i cant believe how rubbish our nhs system is atm!! they only care about if you are in pain or bleeding just the physical effects!! but wat they really need to consider is the mental effects!!

I am currently struggling to deal with my loss too! As i had wat is called a missed misscarriage as i went to my first scan and they could not find the baby just the gestational sac!! it is really hard and i feel exactly the same crying all the time and no one else seems to understand!!

I really dont know what to say to make you feel better but just to let you know that your not the only one that feels like you could sit in a room all day crying cuz i am exactly the same!!

Believe me hun one day im sure you will make a great mum, but things happen for a reason to ensure that your baby has the best start in life and nxt time you can prepare for everything and make everything perfect for your lil one!! xx


fi - April 15

thanks for your reasurance. im sorry about your loss and hope the future brings you a healthy happy child.
even though people trying to help me they dont understand how i feel which has left me pushing them away n now i fear that i have lost my wonderful uncle who i am very close to all because i cant cope with it all coz got other things going off too n heads just a mess.
i hope i can be a good mum to a lovely happy healthy child one day because children are my everything xx



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