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normal? or abnormal? am i alone?
2 Replies
cascio0613 - August 21

this past week has been really hard for me. i started spotting and i took a few at home pregnancy tests that came up positive so my husband took me to the urgent care center of a hospital. well, they did a pee test that night that came up negative and they said, i was probably getting my period. however the next day, my doctor did a blood test, and the blood test came back saying i was pregnant. however i was still spotting and it was even more than the day before. anyways, my spotting turned to bleeding, when my doctor did the blood test again, he said everything was great and my levels were still increasing. so you could imagine my excitment thinking everything was still good. well, yesterday, the bleeding just got worse and i spent all day in the er finding out what was going on. they told me i lost the baby. my husband and i both hung our heads pretty low. we kept hoping it was going to be like all the other times where something weird was happening, but i was still pregnant. however, when the er doctor walked in the room, i already knew what he was going to say. i keep wondering if i did something wrong, or if it was my fault. i'm normally the stronger one in my husband and i's relationship when it comes to emotional pain. altho for the first time in my life, i have no idea where to go from here. i dont know how to feel happy again, and i dont know how to make my husband happy again. is this normal?


simonaderson - September 13

Don't woory you are a normal according to my knowledge.


Daydream - September 28

I dont beleive there is a "normal". We all grieve differently. The best thing you and your husband can do is talk to each other a lot. Me and my husband are just going through our first miscarriage on our first pregancy and we are constantly talking about our emotions and thoughts.

It is important to allow time to grieve and you will each deal with that differently. Make extra special time for each other. I pray you will find a peace again as i pray i will also. xx



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