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Prof Lesley Regan's Passion
9 Replies
Emmie - October 4

I've read a lot about Prof. Regan's mission of helping couples to have children. I am very interested in knowing more about it and the Miscarriage Clinic, "St. Mary's hospital".


MomiSarah - October 4

Have heard of it but you have to have recurrent mc first before being referred to St. Mary's. It will also take months before your scheduled date.


a n n a b e l l e - October 5

this really interesting. i have searched about this and have read some testimonials from other mothers. it looks like it is very helpful and miraculous.


Lipstick - October 7

Prof Regan devoted her time to help mothers conceive and have a full term pregnancy.


Marnie - October 7

Anyone here who can share a detailed experience at St. Mary's hospital?


aly - December 7

Hi I have just been since I have had 3 mc's in the past year. My gyn blamed it on my age but the mc clinic tells me that is only a factor not the reason. My wonderfull doctor referred me and I got my appointment in about 2 months, but my age will help and the fact that I have had 3 mc's. My experience was very positive since they are very friendly and understanding. You are no longer a number but you are a real patient they listen to and care for. Re-current miscarriage (3 or more) are only 1% of the woman so I hope that will not be you but if so than have your doctor refer you to her. Good luck


kicker_baby - December 7

wow this is so helpful to a lot of mothers. i can't avoid thinking of it as a miracle clinic as others describe it. i am really happy for you aly. good luck too.


lennie - December 9

I see, so in order to have an appointment there we should comply with the requirements. It is good that there are qualifications to avoid congestion.


Momskie - December 9

What is you had 3 recurrent mc den a successful one then another mc, would that passed the requirements?


aly - June 24

I visited the clinic 4 times for the investigation of the miscarriages. An initial visit with ultrasound and bloodtest, repeat bloodtest and hcg where the check the uterus. Finally the result in february which showed no clear signs just pure bad luck and age. Still having this was a relief that we should be able to succeed in the future. We were very lucky to conceive again in april and then went to the early pregnancy clinic at the same place. A bloodtest at 5 weeks, scan at 6/8/10 weeks which all showed a healthy twin pregnancy. I have now graduated as they call it and go over to mainstream antenatal care. Still I think the positive attitude and reassurance they gave me has had such a good influence on me and this pregnancy. They are fantastic for those who need it but I hope for most of you who read it this is not the case and you will not have to go through the pain and disappointments of multiple miscarriages and than the fear with every pregnancy. It is so worth it in the end so never ever give up. My mum who did not give up after 4 miscarriages had me in the end and all going well I will hold two lovely little babies in my arms by the end of this year. Good luck to all of you out there!!



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