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Risky for my age?
10 Replies
Joyce35 - August 28

Hi mommies! I am on my first trimester now and the doctor said that at my age I have a high risk to miscarry. I am a little bit paranoid about this because I am a first time mom and I can't afford to lose my baby. Can anyone give some comforting assurance that I can really make it? Maybe some tips on how to handle my pregnancy.


Momskie - August 28

Hi there joyce, it's me again. As I've posted at the other topic, just enjoy your pregnancy and don't worry too much.


Joyce35 - August 31

Thanks momskie for your concern. I think you are right about me worrying about my situation. I know that it is just a warning from the doctor. I really need to relax and I just want to hear from mothers like you who can give me some tips in handling my late pregnancy.


MomiSarah - September 5

Hi joyce, if you don't mind, may I ask for your age?


Joyce35 - September 5

I'm 35 years old MomiSarah.


MarieLD - September 14

I think there is nothing to worry about your situation joyce35.I am 29 years old now and I am planning to have a baby.I was also being pressured to get pregnant before reaching 30 because of the risk to miscarry but I don't think it is really the main reason if ever miscarriage occurs.There are even mothers who still gave birth at their 40s,so there is nothing to worry about as long as you are healthy and the baby is fine.


Kirsten - September 14

I agree with MarieLD but we should not take it for granted. Age is an important factor during pregnancy so it should be considered when planning to get pregnant.


MarieLD - September 14

Oh well,I also considered such Kirsten.I will not take it for granted that is why I wanted to get pregnant at this age.


hiejron - September 15

Being pregnant at 35 is not really alarming for me. It is still safe although there is a little risk but just do all that you can to avoid pregnancy loss.


Angela16 - October 3

Well I am pregnant at age 16, is that alarming? So far I am fine and the baby is healthy as my OB had assured me but as 16, too early to get pregnant, I am considered as a high risk.


Kirsten - October 4

Hi, it has been awhile that I haven't visited here. Hi Angela16, that is a great news that you are pregnant. Actually, at your age you are risky but I'm glad to hear that you are fine and the baby is healthy. Just want to ask if you are emotionally ready to have a baby too?



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